Overnight Oats Recipe


This is a really delicious, very filling breakfast that takes about five minutes to prepare. This has been one of my favourite breakfasts for the past month or so. I feel like it makes me not want to snack in the morning as much which does help with weightloss.

So here is the recipe for anyone else wanting to make it at home.


1 Cooking Apple

Half a tub of raspberries or any soft fruit.

150g Alpro Yoghurt

30g of Porridge Oats




Peel the cooking apple and slice into small chunks. Put in a microwave safe bowl and heat up for 2 minutes. Mash up with a fork once it is soft.

Mix some sweetener into the yoghurt to give it some taste.

Find a pretty bowl or some tupaware and place your layer of apple. Over this place a spoonful of yoghurt and some oats.

Layer on your raspberries followed by another layer of yoghurt and the remanining porridge oats.

Sprinkle cinnamon over the top.

Cover the container with the lid or some cellophane and place in the fridge overnight.

The mositure from the yoghurt will soften the porridge oats during the night, making it ready to eat by morning.

This is such a tasty breakfast and the fruit can be substituted for other soft fruits if apple and raspberries aren’t your thing. Mango also tastes amazing as the base layer, but I prefer my apple layer.

I hope you like this recipe, and do let me know if you try it.

Have a great day guys!



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