Product Review Throwback


Hi guys!

I got this idea after reading a post from Helpless Whilst Drying, when she re-reviewed three palettes that she first reviewed last year, and then gave an update on how she felt about these items a whole year on.

I didn’t want to limit this to just eyeshadow palettes, so I thought that I would add a few other items that were reviewed in 2016. I do have a fair few makeup items, so if you would like to see this type of post again, let me know.


Clinique Flutter to Full Mascara

I really liked this mascara when I reviewed it last year….. and I still do. Yes it is a bit more natural in finish compared to what I prefer these days, but it’s perfect for natural eyeshadow days or as a bottom lash mascara. This is smudge-proof and ideal for contact lense wearers. This is still a big hit for me.


Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic

In hindsight, ‘Sex on Fire’ possibly wasn’t the best shade for my skin-tone. Back then though I did love the formula which got me to buy another shade which is much more ideal. My original blush has now been claimed by my Mam, however this is still a lovely blush collection, although it’s not a one that I would recommend to everyone. Yes they are beautiful, but I can think of much cheaper blush brands that apply just as beautiful.


Benefit Porefessional

I purchased a tiny bottle of this in Glasgow, and it still holds up. The formula is so silky and leaves a lovely smooth base for foundation. This is still something that I enjoy wearing every now and again, although I can think of better primers that I love even more than this.


Body Shop Down to Earth Palette

I was on the fence when I first swatched these. Yes they look beautiful but I had been told that they could be worn both wet and dry. This turned out to be a lie and although they swatch beautifully they apply really patchy to the eyelids. Some are beautiful but others are awful. Save your money and buy something else. The Body Shop do amazing products, this just happened to not be one of them.

So this was my first re-review. Please let me know if there are any other products that you would like me to give an update on.

Have a lovely day and take care!







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