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Work Appropriate Makeup


Hi guys, how are you all today?

Work appropriate makeup can vary depending on your workplace.  If you worked at MAC for example, you’d possibly be expected to wear a touch more makeup than myself. As most of you know, I work within the NHS and although there is no makeup policy, we are expected to keep things to a minimum and wear nothing to ‘out there.’

I am also working night shifts, so there really isn’t a need for anything too fancy. So just in case you need a light makeup look for your workplace, here is my usual work makeup look. The products may change every now and then, but the look stays similar each night.


YSL Youth Liberation: This is a beautiful medium coverage foundation than feels very dewy on the skin, that allows your skin to retain mositure throughout the day. This is something that my skin desperately needs on a night shift! Yes, this one is pricey, but if you do get dry skin, it’s worth the investment.

Dior Nude Air Bronzer: All of my bronzers are matte with a light ashy warm brown undertone. Is that even a colour or have a made that up? This product goes a long way and adds a very subtle tanned glow to my face, adding a touch of definition. I love this product a lot.

Clinique Blush Pop in Ginger Pop: This is a blush that I am really trying to use up. It’s such a pretty neutral shade that adds a subtle pop of colour to my skin. Since I have started using this for work, I have noticed a considerable dip in the pan (at last).

Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter in Transcendence: The famous putty highlighter! I actually love this. I tend to apply this with my finger and dab the product where I want on my face. Yes it can be built up to an ultra intense glow, but for work I keep things nice and light.

Bare Minerals Bare Sensuals Palette:  I have been using these palettes practically every day since purchasing them. Both are beautiful, although I tend to use the rose gold toned palette more for work. Today, I took the shades Upgrade and Persuasion along with Ensemble to create a soft taupe eye look. These shadows blend out beautifully; it’s definitely one of my favourite Bare Minerals launches as of late.

Rodial Glamolash Mascara: This was a free gift from a magazine last month, and I actually really like it. It gives a decent amount of length without clumping up my lashes. It looked really natural.

Lancome Matte Juicy Shaker in Beige Vintage: I wanted to give this a try for work since I tend to wear more neutrals on a night. The colour is beautiful but it did smudge a fair bit as the night went on. I’ll definitely swap this for another nude lippie on another night.


So that is my go-to night shift makeup. Yes, I didn’t list every product here, but these are what stand out to me. Out of everything, I am loving the foundation, highlighter and eyeshadow the most, and will continue using them in the future.

What is your go-to work makeup?

Have a lovely day guys!



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