Getting the z’s When You Start a New Relationship


Are there any other long-term single people out there who suffer this issue when they start a new relationship?

You are that used to sleeping alone….. spreading out like a starfish in your double bed…  having as much duvet as you want…. comfy… sleepy.

But then you start a relationship and obviously sleep in the same bed at times. You simply can’t get to sleep.

When I started seeing Mark, I really struggled with the whole sharing a bed thing. I normally manage about seven to eight hours of sleep on a good day however when I stayed over his I was managing four to five hours at a push. And yes, it was the same for him.

I couldn’t switch off and was unsure about where to sleep. I’m a centre of the bed girl, and I now sleep on the left. Also, what do you do with your arms. Does one have to constantly be the dead pins and needles arm?

Thank God though….. none of this lasts!

After a few weeks I finally managed to adjust to this alien situation to the point where I actually struggle to sleep when he’s not there. Bugger!

I was going to write this out as a tips post, but honestly there’s no point. The only tip that I can give to a long-term singleton starting a new relationship is to give it time. Like any new experience it takes time to adjust. Have a play with lying in different positions on the bed and find a one that works for both of you.

Have a lovely day guys and take care!



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