July Non-Beauty Favourites


Wow! For a change, July didn’t race by!

This month has been quite an amazing experience, and I’ve loved every minute of it. Each week, I have shared with you my beauty favourites, and today I wanted to share everything else.  I have a few fashion items in here, as well as a book and a series. I hope that you enjoy.

Mint Green Radley Bag

At Dalton Park there is a discounted Radley Bag shop, and this month they had an extra 20% discount on top of the already discounted 70%. I fell in love with this bag and grabbed the last one in the shop. It’s the ideal size for my purse and diary, and manages to hold a few other things too. It’s such a beautiful bag too.



I actually had two holidays this month. Both were to Glasgow. This is such a beautiful area of Scotland and I really enjoyed exploring it a bit more. It will always be the place where I had my first romantic getaway now, and we both can’t wait to go back one day.


Netflix’s Killer Kids

I am sharing my morbid side a bit here. I love watching documentaries about serial killers and murderers. This series involved murders committed by children and it is so creepy. Every murder has been dramatized, although it does protect the dignity of the real victims of each case. I loved the expert psychological knowledge in each episode too. It was a really well written series.


Red Herring Blue Navy Choker Jumper

I bought a few choker jumpers this month, but this was my favourite because it stretched. I didn’t feel uncomfortable in it. The arms are loose too, so it was ideal to wear on cooler summer days without over heating, which is always helpful when you live in a weather lottery part of the world.


Anna Kendrick’s Scrappy Little Nobody

I have read a few chapters of Anna’s book and love it. She is as funny in writing as she is in real life. Her stories bout growing up are hilarious and I love the fact that she seems to have no filter. I can’t wait to finish this book. It’s definitely one worth checking out.


Tesco’s Flat Shoes

I had to buy these out of desperation when my sandals began pinching my feet on a date with mark last month. These pumps are soooo comfy; they feel like clouds for your feet. I wear these for work as well as outside. They just look very nice and are practical too. They also didn’t break the bank, which came in handy when you have a holiday to pay for!


So those are all of my favourites for July. I will see you at the end of august for another non-beauty favourites.


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