New Palettes! | Bare Minerals


I am such a sucker for eyeshadow palettes. I’m an even bigger sucker for new Bare Minerals products. They were my favourite brand when I first started blogging, and not much has changed, apart from me branching out to other brands.

Bare Minerals recently released two new palettes and they look so beautiful. Like all the newer releases, they have sleek black packaging with the name on the top. Although I love the matte black packaging in the older products, I have to admit this new packaging is pretty chic.

You get 14 shades in each palette for the price of £39 each. There is definitely a theme for each palette. Bare Sensuals appears to have more rose gold hues and has more of a daytime vibe. Bare Naturals is definitely the smokier palette with gorgeous khaki and navy tones. Both look beautiful.

Bare Sensuals
Left to Right: Exposed, Fortune, Shazam, Cloud Nine, Lure, Persuasion, Catalyst
Left to Right: Hard to Get, Indulge, Waltz, Hot Spell, Mystify, Ensemble, Upgrade

Bare Sensuals, being the softer of the two is certainly more ideal for everyday wear. The rose gold and taupe tones are very soft and look really natural on the eyes. Of course there are some smoky shades to amp this up for a night time look, but I prefer wearing this during the day or for work.

There is a great selection of mattes and shimmers, so you can create a full look with this without dipping into other palettes. Each shade blends beautifully and they do most of the work for you.

Bare Naturals
Left to Right: Celebrate, Oyster, Quartz, Head Over Heals, pale Silk, Unearthed and Mahogany
Left to Right: Creme, Mixologist, Bewilder, Hot Comodity, Couture, Twilight and Blackout

The other palette; Bare naturals; is a thing of beauty. I tend to keep this for my date nights or for evening do’s. You have a fantastic range of dirty golds and bronze shades, as well as a khaki green and a beautiful blue. My favourite shade in here is Twilight; it looks stunning on the eyelid and blends beautifully for a rich pigment. Like the other palette, you have a range of mattes and shimmers to create a full eye look.

I honestly cannot choose which palette that I like the most. Each have their own beautiful shades which would suit anyone. And I am getting my money’s worth out of both palettes. I am obsessed with these at the moment. I have been using these for about three weeks now and I have really tried hard to find something to critisize. There is nothing. This has been the best release from Bare Minerals’ makeup line in a long time. There are definitely worth the splurge.



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