YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation



The star of the Forever Youth Liberator range, the Serum contains the highest concentration of Glycanactif™ , specially formulated to help restore your skin’s youthful beauty. • Skin looks more luminous and soft • Skin feels more moisturised and supple • Skin has visibly improved: tone and texture are more even, bounce is back and radiance returns. | YSL Website


It has been quite a while since I splurged on a really high end foundation! And the YSL Youth Liberator is certainly high end. I came across this when I was shopping in Boots a fair few weeks ago and after a week of pondering, purchased it for my holiday.

This is not a cheap foundation. It cost a whopping £42 and claims to do amazing things to your skin. This is an anti-aging serum foundation which justifies the higher price to YSL. One of the main ingedients is Glycanactif which I actually had to research and find out what is was.

Glycanactif is a type of sugar molecule that can be added to cosmetics to improve the elasticity and produce collagen in the skin layers to keep the skin looking supple and smooth. There is a lot of Science involved which I didn’t fully understand, but this ingedient is beginning to appear in a fair few anti-aging products on the market.

So back to the product itself! The bottle truly is beautiful. I love the chic black lid which melts into the bottle itself. It truly is beautiful.

I find that this product applies the best with a brush or with fingers. It blends out beautifully and about two pumps is enough to give me a medium coverage. A little truly goes a long way. I do find that this streaks very little and looks quite airbrushed when first applied.

YSL claims that this foundation will look luminous, youthful and moisturised. It is certainly a dewy foundation. It gives me a very natural glow which I do enjoy in my foundations at times. It also has helped my skin not to dry out on a nightshift, which I appreciate. This is certainly one that I wanted to use on a daily basis due to it’s high price tag. I’m really glad that my skin gets on with it and it hasn’t dried me out at all.

As for the youthful claim. I don’t think that I am at the age where anti-aging products work to their full potential. I haven’t noticed any major improvements in my skin. However I will keep using this and will report back if anything changes in this department.

As you know, I like longer lasting formulas and this does last a fair while on my skin. On my holiday to Glasgow I used this on a night out with Mark. The foundation was applied at 4pm and lasted until I took it off at 10pm. It probably would have lasted longer, but I was really tired by this point. I will do a proper longevity test with this one day.

Overall it is a brilliant foundation, although I don’t think that I will be in a hurry to buy this again. I can think of slightly cheaper foundations that have similar claims.

Have you tried this foundation? What were your thoughts?

Have a nice day guys!




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