My Boyfriend Guesses Beauty Terms


After seeing Rossy do this with her husband, I thought that I would test Mark’s makeup knowledge….. and the results were varied. I honestly don’t think he did too bad. I’ve seen worse.

I have not changed these at all. These are direct Mark quotes.


Serum: I’m going to say something for your eyes…. or something that’s used when bitten by a snake.

Primer: the base coat.

Exfoliator: it’s the scrubby stuff that removes dead skin.

Foundation: after the primer. A base tone in which to build upon.

Concealer: hides blackheads

Setting Powder: once it’s all on it makes it all hard so a boxer couldn’t knock it off.

Baking: cakes! Wtf do you bake on you. Do you put rashers of bacon on your skin. Is that really good for it? (I did explain baking to him afterwards. He’s still horrified).

Blush: makes your face red and full of life.

Bronzer: makes you like a Greek statue.

Highlighter: does it go on the eyes?

Eyeshadow: makes your eyes look dark and mysterious.

Blending: where you blend the applied makeup into the face with that pointy sponge thing or those CSI brushes.

Feline Flick: it’s that thing on the eye that goes flick!

Mascara: it frames the eyes.

Liquid Lipstick: lipstick! It’s got a little fancy pants brush.

Lipgloss: makes your lips look shiny ( proceeds to sing shiny from Moana).


How do you think Mark did? Thank you Rossy for giving me the idea to do this. I didn’t expect to laugh so much hearing Mark describe setting powder.

Have a nice day!



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