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Youtube Musicians that you Should Check Out

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Music really is a part of life. We all have our favourite musicians and songs and most are in the top hits lists for a fair while.

However, today I wanted to give a bit of recognition to musicians who’s claim to fame is on Youtube. They haven’t necessarily signed record labels and aren’t that well known. You can find some of their music on the likes of Spotify and Deezer; and they do make great editions to songs that I listen to in the car.

Jonathon Young

Jonathon makes covers of other songs but puts his own twist to them. Some of my favourites are his rock covers of disney songs. They are awesome. He has such a fantastic vocal range and creates a variety of different toned songs. I have heard him create opera type music to heavy metal. Mark is a huge fan of his version of ‘He Lives in You’ and ‘Son of Man.’ I’m really hoping that he creates a version of Toxic Love from Ferngully one day; that would make my day.


You may have come across this guy. He creates solo accapella comedy songs. His voice is really good and I love the lyrics to his songs. His ‘After Ever After’ and ‘Harry Potter in 60 Seconds’ are some of my favourites. He’s very creative.

Nick Pitera

Nick has been getting a bit more recognition lately. He’s done a few jobs for Disney as of late. He’s well known for his very varied vocal tones; going from deep male tones to a high soprano. He sings both the male and female parts in some of his songs. He’s fantastic.

Peter Hollens

Peter is very similar to Nick. He crates covers of different songs although he tends to just sing the male parts, leaving the feminine roles to his wife, who also has an amazing voice. I love his covers of the Lord of the Rings songs. He’s got an amazing voice.

Gabriella Lindley

Gabriella is more known for her beauty videos but she is a trained singer and has two covers on her main channel. They are both amazing. Her dream is to sing on broadway one day and I really hope she achieves that dream because her voice is beautiful.

Do you know any other Youtube singing stars that deserve more recognition? Please let me know as I would love to check them out.

Have a lovely day guys!



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