Weekly Favourites: August #3


We’re over halfway to the end of August now guys. It’ll soon be Christmas at this rate!

I hope everyone is doing well, and isn’t too sad that the Summer is almost over.

Today I have five more beauty favourites that I have been loving this week.

Clinique Blush Pop in Peach Pop

This blush is beautiful. Unfortunately the art deco design is almost gone, but the product itself is amazing. This gives such a pretty glow to the cheeks. It can be layered pretty easily, but looks very nice worn quite sheer.  It’s such a fresh colour, and I’m going to continue loving it for a very long time.

 Body Shop Eye Gel

I’ve had really sore dry skin around my eyes again and my usual eye creams have been making the area worse. Whilst looking for hydrocortisone, I came across this in the medicine cabinet. It is a cooling eye gel that can be used as eye cream. I have been using this to rehydrate my undereye area and it has worked really well. I will probably need some form of medication in the long run, but it is helping me for now.

Ofra Long Lasting Liquid

I have three of these and each one is beautiful. Ofra have quite a huge range of shades available in their liquid lipstick line; there will be something for everyone. The formula does dry down matte however it doesn’t feel drying. Itis one of the few true matte formulas that I do not want to rip off my lips as soon as I’ve applied it. Welcome to the club Ofra!

Kat Von D Saint Perfume

I got a free sample of this in Debenhams the other day and I love it. It’s such a pretty and fresh scent compared to the much stronger Sinner. I have been saving this for dates because I love the scent that much. I may need to ask Mark for a bottle of this for Christmas.

Dior Forever Foundation

With my skin misbehaving, I have wanted to use something with a bit higher coverage, but still feel like skin. This foundation lasts all day and covers so many different sins. It’s an amazing foundation. I love it a lot.

What have been your beauty favourites this week?

Have a lovely day!




3 thoughts on “Weekly Favourites: August #3

  1. Clinique is one of my favourite brands. I’m currently loving the chubby contour and the Clinique Pop mini lippy range. I haven’t tried a blusher yet. The one you have sounds pretty. Sometimes all you need is a sheer pop of colour.
    Lovely post.

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