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Using Shimmer in the Crease

Hi everyone!

I broke another rule again and I regret nothing!

One of the massive rules that you hear time and time again is don’t put shimmery shades in your crease. It apparently will transfer elsewhere on the eyelids and become a hot mess among other pretty horrible things that you really don’t want to see happen after spending a really long time on your makeup.

This is a rule that I normally stick to but I felt in a playful mood and stuck a few coats of the shade Kia from the Juvia Place Sahara palette into my crease and blended it out. I did use the shade Wodaabe on my lid, and these shades mixed really well together. I truly loved the finish.

It just proves that once again, rules in makeup were meant to be broken. Do what feels comfortable to you, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Makeup is a form of art after all!

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.



One thought on “Using Shimmer in the Crease

  1. Love how it looks! I’ve done this before MANY MANY times and I hardly had a problem with transfer. In fact, some shimmery shades can be blended into the crease with whichever matte shade you end up using. Doesn’t work with all of them but I definitely love it when some shades can do that 🙂

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