Things that I Learned From Bad Relationships


Hi guys how are you all today?

I know that I have mentioned my relationship with Mark quite a lot lately, and I’m really sorry. I will try and keep the boyfriend talk to a minimum in the future. However today, I wanted to chat about past relationships and what I learnt from them.

I am not trying to be nasty about any of my exes, but there are a few things that I have learned lately that have made me realise how shit those relationships were. And I wanted to pass the advise on to anyone else who may need it. I will be back to my regular beauty talks tomorrow.


♥ Feeling safe: If your boyfriend doesn’t make you feel safe or protected it may be worth questioning why that is? Yes we live in a feminist society and want our own independence however it’s a nice feeling knowing that our partner is going to protect us if things turn bad.


♥ Cancelling Dates to be with their Friends: I’m not saying spend every second of the day together. You both need time to yourselves; that’s healthy. What I mean by this is having plans to meet up and cancelling at the last second to meet their mates for a night out. How I found out? A drunken text at 3am.


♥ Bringing out the Best in You: I have been in a few relationships where I have mentioned plans for my future and been laughed at. Or something to that effect. Mark tends to encourage me and asks me if I heard back about jobs that I applied for and helps me reach my goals which is a welcome change and makes me love him even more.


♥ Communication: I’m including any form of communication here. On dates, how often do you talk about each other and what do you talk about? Are there awkward silences? On dates with one boyfriend we would tend to sit and say nothing for hours. Not the greatest of dates!


♥ Sex: Don’t worry, I’m not going into gory details here. But this is an important part of most relationships. Does he listen to you and take your needs into account. Or is it all just about him?


♥ Meeting Family: Mark is actually the first guy that I have brought home to meet my family, and he has introduced me to his. In the past, I have always felt that the guy hasn’t wanted me to meet his family and they have been terrified of meeting my family. Mark was nervous, but he did it.


♥ The Joys of Meals Out: Sometimes it’s nice to go out for a meal once in a while. And in the beginning the guy tends to pay. One of my exes ‘forgot’ his wallet on every date so I tended to pay a fair bit. Or we would order takeaway for cheapness. Great way to make a girl feel special! In the beginning Mark did pay for our meals out, but now we seem to take turns treating each other.


What did you guys learn from any previous bad relationships?

Have a lovely day!




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