5 Beauty Brands That I Would Recommend


I want to start a new series of blog posts every few weeks (or months). I am going to pick 5 brands that I would choose for a different topic and explain why they’re there. Each brand has it’s perks and disappointments so hopefully each list will be different.

For the first post, these are my five favourite brands that I would recommend to my friends and family.

Bare Minerals

Bare Minerals is such a gorgeous brand. All of their products are suitable for a variety of different skin tones and types. They really do cater for everyone. Their foundations are fantastic; especially the Original foundation. This has been my go-to for the gym lately; or just on days where I really don’t want that much product on my face. I also really love their lip products and eye shadows. They have a truly beautiful natural range. They are really worth checking out if you are into minimalist, neutral makeup looks.

The Body Shop

I have recommended so many of The Body Shop’s skincare ranges to other people. There are quite a variety of ranges which suit a variety of skin types. I alternate between the hemp range and the Drops of Light which tend to suit my dry skin the best. The also have the most amazing oil cleanser. The Camomile Oil Cleanser smells amazing and does an awesome job at breaking up even waterproof eye makeup. This alone would earn The Body Shop a spot of this list. It is one of my ride or dies.


This was a toss-up between Clinique and Lancome. However as I’ve grown slightly older I am using more Lancome products. They last a really long time on my skin and feel so luxurious. There isn’t one bad product in the collection and there will be something to suit everyone’s needs.


Collection has really begun to make it’s mark on the beauty world over the past few years. Their makeup range is beautiful. The eye shadows are on par with many higher end palettes, and their primers are some of my favourites at the moment. For a dirt cheap brand, these are amazing.

Urban Decay

Urban Decay do some of my favourite face products. I love their blush shades, which I have recommended to a few people, and of course the eyeshadow palettes are out of this world. This is such a beautiful brand and the packaging looks gorgeous.

Those are five brands that I would recommend to my friends and family. What would yours be? And let me know what other top 5 lists you would like to see.

Have a nice day guys.





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