Monthly Favourites

August Non-Beauty Favourites


Hi guys!

How are you all today? I can’t believe that it is already September. If you are starting school soon, I hope that you have enjoyed the Summer holidays. It’s a shame that the weather has been a bit hit and miss.

Today,  I wanted to share my favourites from the previous month that had nothing to do with makeup.

Wilko Diffuser Water Bottle

Everyone has been these bottles now; the ones where you can put fruit and herbs in the middle that help flavour your water. This has really helped me get my daily intake of water and I have used the detox recipes to help assist in my weightloss. My favourite things to place in the centre have been mint, lemon and ginger. Together, these taste amazing.

Zoella Lifestyle Organizer

This is such a beautiful layout. I love the post-it notes and to-do lists. Since deciding to move in with Mark, I keep writing lists of things we need and how much we need to save up before we have a full deposit. I’ve found that this has really helped me get things organised and keep my life in order. I also really love the quote on the front cover.

Economy Gastronomy

 This book was my lifesaver when I moved to London, and I recently found it for 27p on Amazon… I had to buy it! It’s definitely something that I would recommend to students or people moving out for the first time because as well as having some very delicious recipes to make. The layout of each recipe is based on cooking a joint of meat and then give you lots of little recipes to use up the left overs. There are also tips on how to save money whilst you shop, and what can be used past their expiry dates. It’s such a fantastic book. I love it a lot.


Ebay has been fantastic this month. Mark has been hitting the overtime quite a lot this month to get a deposit together, and I have sold some things on Ebay. So far, I have made £200, which has been a huge chunk of money for us. So I’m really grateful to Ebay for existing to get this money so far.

Right Move

I feel like my favourites are a little weird this month; they are mainly all to do with moving out! Right Move has been one of the best websites to find decent properties in our price range. It is a giant database of private and agency rentals and there are some amazing rental properties on there. There are quite a few properties that we have our eye on; in fact, we may actually have somewhere by the time this post goes live…… I’ll let you know!

What have been your favourites this month?

Have a lovely day!




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