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Rating my Foundation Collection


Yes…. those really are all of my current foundations…… I may have a problem.

Since I have such a vast collection of foundations, I wanted to attempt to do something that I have never done before. Rate them all and figure out which one really is my ultimate favourite foundation.

This is going to be a long list, so grab yourselves a cuppa and get comfy.

No7 Lift and Luminate

This is a beautiful dewy foundation that makes my skin look really healthy and glowy. It’s an ideal summer foundation because it does have coverage but not so much that it cakes your skin in unnecessary product. My only gripe is that you do need a fair amount of product to cover your entire face.

Rating: 8/10

Urban Decay Naked Skin

This used to be one of my favourite foundations. I wore this on holiday and it kept my skin looking healthy and unburnt, even though it has no SPF in it. I can’t explain it either. This doesn’t cover blemishes that well because it is such a thin formula, however for general redness it is awesome.

Rating: 8/10

Bare Minerals Original

This is a brilliant really buildable foundation. It never looks cakey on me and melts really easily into the skin. This does last all day on me without fading, and is actually one of the few formulas to stay put during a night shift. For a powder mineral foundation, this doesn’t dry my skin out. It is beautiful. It’s only downfall is that I struggle to blend liquid concealer over the top of it.

Rating: 9/10

Bourjois Healthy Mix

This reminds me a lot of the Urban Decay Foundation. It is a very thin consistency but it’s ideal for good skin days. It feels just like skin when I wear it and looks beautiful when it’s first applied. However, this doesn’t last long on my skin. It does start to look patchy by midday.

Rating: 5/10

Dior Forever

This has been one of my favourites lately. This gives such an airbrushed finish to the skin and other products apply really beautifully over the top. It looks gorgeous and lasts such a long time on the skin.

Rating: 9.5/10

Bare Minerals Bareskin

This is a really nice light coverage foundation. It’s ideal for good skin days. I do find however that this doesn’t last long on my skin; a few hours at most. It just fades away into nothing. I wish it lasted longer though because it does have such a beautiful finish.

Rating: 7/10

YSL Youth Liberation

This is another foundation that looks amazing on the skin. It looks airbrushed but gives a nice healthy glow to the skin. This does last a really long time on the skin and other products apply so nicely over the top. I do wish that it was more affordable however because I will want to repurchase this again.

Rating: 9/10

Nars Sheer Glow

This gives a very glowy, fresh medium coverage. It applies beautifully. I have started wearing this again recently however, and I’m not sure if I have had this too long because it has started to break me out. I love Nars’ Sheer Glow but I have found recently that there are others that I prefer.

Rating: 7.5/10

Bare Minerals Ready

This was one of my favourite foundations and I still prefer it to Bare Pro. However, I tried wearing this recently and it went really patchy on me. I have noticed this for the last few times wearing it. Maybe my skin is changing, but I can’t wear it anymore. And that makes me sad. This is such an amazing foundation for dry skin girls. I honestly have no idea why the patchiness has started. I might try it with a different brush and get back to you. Unfortunately I do have to rate it low for the moment.

Rating: 6/10

New Look No Shine

I really am not keen on this. It cakes on me terrible. The coverage is so thick that I feel like my skin can’t breathe. This is definitely going on a journey. I would imagine though, if you had oily skin this may be okay for you. But with me being dry, it’s not the best.

Rating: 2/10

L’Oreal True Match

By far, this is the best drugstore foundation out there. It looks beautiful on the skin and lasts such a long time. I haven’t found a shade that matches me completely though, so I tend to need to mix it with the Body Shop Colour drops, but the finish is amazing. I love it a lot.

Rating: 9/10

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Stick

So many people love this foundation. I actually don’t like it. Maybe I’m just that used to other formulas but I find that this goes patchy on me and looks cakey on some days. I really can’t get away with it.

Rating: 2/10

Lancome Teint Miracle

This does have a really lovely finish and has days were it lasts such a long time on the skin. I do find that somethings this does fade away quite patchily and some concealers apply really weird over the top of it. However their are days where it all comes together. Maybe it has something to do with primers and powders- I don’t know. But I really do have marmite days with this foundation.

Rating: 6.5/10

Opinions do change over time, and I really wasn’t expecting my ultimate favourite foundation from 2 years ago to be one of the worst on this list. However, the Dior Forever is definitely at the top of my list for best foundations at the moment.

Did you have similar experiences with any of these foundations? Do you think that I’m being too harsh?

Have a lovely day guys, and I’ll see you tomorrow.



One thought on “Rating my Foundation Collection

  1. I agree about the BareSkin, such a gorgeous finish, it’s one of my favorites. I own the original foundation and it’s really really good as well. One of my favorites to use during the summer.

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