All things Hair

My Current Hair Care Regime


I’m actually quite low maintenance when it comes to my hair. As long as it’s clean I tend not to worry too much about it. However there are a few things that I do to keep it looking healthy.

Colour Maintenance

This was more important when I had a darker colour on my hair. With me being a natural blonde, when my roots began poking through the red, I looked grey. Every six weeks I either buy a box dye or go to the hairdressers to keep my colour looking great. Hopefully now that I am back to being my natural colour, I won’t need to do this much longer.

Shampoo and Conditioner

My hair is still showing a few coppery tones so to try and reduce them, and make my hair lighter, I have been using the John Freida Sheer Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner duo. These smell amazing and leave your hair feeling really really soft and sleek. They are on a slightly higher price range (I paid £8 for both) but they are worth it if you do want to lighten your hair a touch.


I have included this brush in a monthly favourites before. I actually love this brush so much. It is much better than the Tangle Teezer and Wet Brush for removing knots in the hair, and it’s a lot more gentle. This is the best brush that I have ever tried, and I can’t find the name of it on Superdrug’s website. If you ever see a pretty purple brush with flowers on it, get it!


My hair does fall a little flat at times so I do use Volumising Mousses and sprays to give it a lift. I really enjoy the one by Nicky Clarke because I feel like that one works wonders. You do need to only use small amounts of it, otherwise you do get a weird claggy effect on the hair when it rains. But it’s a very good mousse in small doses.

I do dry my hair every day. I really can’t deal with dry shampoo. It makes my head itch. Some of my favourite styling tools have been Remmington; they are the best in my opinion. They’re affordable and last for ages without breaking.

Of course, on days where I wear an up-do I do spritz a little hairspray. One of my favourites is from Tresemme. These cans last ages; they’re just so massive! But they keep a style lasting hours, and brush out easy enough at the end of the night.

What products do you guys use to keep your hair feeling well looked after?

Have a lovely day!



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