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Red Carpet Ready


There is no greater confidence booster for me than a beautiful red lipstick. I always feel amazing when I find the right one that suits my skin tone.  One of my ultimate favourites is Bobbi Brown’s Red Carpet from the Creamy Matte range.

I love this colour so much! It is stunning. It is a true red with a cool undertone, meaning that it will make your teeth look whiter. Seriously, this makes me look like I’m ready for the Colgate advert!

I have teamed this lipstick up with the also beautiful Makeup Forever Aqua Lip Liner in 8C. I found that these two shades compliment each other nicely. You can’t tell where the lip liner begins and the lipstick ends.

What is your favourite red lip combo? Or what shade lipstick gives you a boost of confidence?

Have a lovely day guys!




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