The 5 Best Brands for Base Products


Hi guys, how are you?

For my next top 5 installment I wanted to share my favourite brands for all things base; primer, concealer, foundation and powder. This was actually a really tough list to come up with because there are so many brands that I love when it comes to these types of things. But in my opinion these are the best of the best.

I have tried to include brands that cater for everyone, although it is tricky for me to comment on products suited more for oily skin since mine is more dry. However, I have given it my best shot.

Bare Minerals

If I’m honest, Bare Minerals is still my overall favourite brand; their products are amazing and suit everyone. When it comes to primers they have quite a hefty collection to suit a variaty of needs, and although my favourite neutralising one has been discontinued, the BB range is fantastic, as well as the original primer. As for foundations, the majority of Bare Minerals foundations are fantastic. I love the original, the Ready and the Bare Skin. Yes, I hate Bare Pro, but that is one bad egg among so many amazing foundations.


Dior is another great all-rounder when it comes to foundations and primers. I haven’t tried their concealers, but every other base product that I have tried has been phenomenal. Their Forever and Ever Powder was beautiful and helped smooth out pores brilliantly to give a flawless, airbrushed complexion. I have tried a fair few of their foundation (when I can afford them) and I have loved every single one of them. There is a reason why Dior has such a high price bracket; their products are so luxurious, but completely worth the price.


Nars do amazing foundations and concealers. I can’t comment on their primers because I reacted badly to them; it dried my skin out something rotten. However, all the other products that I have tried are beautiful. I love the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and the Sheer Glow Foundation. These were my ride or die base products for a long time.

Urban Decay

Urban Decay now have a fair few foundations out that suit a variety of skin concerns. I have tried three of them and loved all of them. They apply beautifully and last all day. The concealer is also brilliant for concealing spots and blemishes. I don’t like it under my eyes, but I know plenty of people do use it for this. I know that Urban Decay are starting to extend their base product line, and I can’t wait to try what is coming.


Lancome had to be here. Their foundation range is second to none; they have something for everyone. Their concealer is beautiful as well as their primers. I have loved every single product that I have tried from Lancome. Everything feels so luxurious and well made. They last so long on the skin and feel really skin-like whilst giving amazing coverage.

What brands do you love for base products?

Have a lovely day guys!



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