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Back to School/ Uni Makeup


Hi guys!

I have been planning this post for so long, and for a long time I wasn’t going to post it because I couldn’t get it to flow in my head. It was been longer than a decade since I left school, so these sort of things are quite tricky for me to write about. However, there will be a fair few people who read this that go to uni, or attend school who may find these kinds of posts useful.

I am going to try my best. I can’t promise an epic post of legendary status though!

I began wearing makeup more in sixth form. You have seen photos from secondary school…. it wasn’t pretty! Back in sixth form I tended to keep things to a minimum with my Nivea Tinted Moisturizer, a Brown Mascara and lip gloss. In later days, I added blush. Everyone tended to be the same at my sixth form; our makeup was very bare minimum. We would tend to purchase the cheap as chips stuff from Natural Collection or NYC…. whatever we could afford with our pocket money (I didn’t start working until uni).


For nights out, I tended to add a touch more makeup. Back then, the palette of choice was this blue one from Maybelline. I remember it being really sparkly and bright blue. I think it was the second year of sixth form where I bought Clinique, which really helped my skin a lot….. until uni where it began eating my face. I was only able to do this because I saved up. If you don’t have a lot of money, stick with drugstore purchases. Treat yourself to something nice for birthdays and holidays.


At uni I did begin working, so I was able to splash out on the occasional higher end product. I mainly stuck with Clinique and Lancome and trusted these products with my life. I remember using bottles and bottles of the Lancome Photogenic; this was my ride or die, and it got discontinued a few years ago.

I did live at home, so I did have that expendable income available for makeup. However, if you are living in the dorms or paying rent I would suggest checking out TK Maxx. They often have discounted high end makeup if you do fancy treating yourself to something that isn’t drugstore.


Even during parties at uni, I still kept things quite minimal. I didn’t feel the desire to play with makeup back then… that came in later years. However, that was me. If you do like to experiment with makeup and wear that at school go for it (unless there are rules regarding makeup at your school).

What was your go to makeup look at school?




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