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Disappointing Products #5


Not every makeup product can be a hit with everyone. I suppose that’s why the industry is as huge as it is; different products will be loved and hated by everyone. These are not necessarily products that I hate, but they disappointed me in one way or another.

Dior PumpNVolume Mascara

I was expecting this to give me fantastic full looking lashes but instead it clumped like crazy and smudged everywhere on me face. I really didn’t like this. I can still use it if I scrape half the product off the brush before applying it, but with this being Dior, you feel like your well-earned money is being wasted.

Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip

These look so beautiful and apply beautifully. This is a date appropriate lip product since it is kiss proof. However it crumbles away in weird places. My lips did not look cute halfway through a recent date with Mark. Food was involved and after the meal I noticed this my lips looked like they’d been painted by picasso. It was so weird. I will still wear the lipstick because it was beautiful, but it is one that needs some TLC.

Benefit Wow Brows App

This was such a great idea when it first launched. You can book your appointments online and build up rewards on the app. I have used this twice to book appointments and neither has gone through. One booked me on the wrong day making me look an utter fool in the store, and the other just didn’t book at all. It’s a rubbish app and needs some more work done to it to make it completely consumer friendly.

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Stick

I know a lot of people love this, but we didn’t get on. This looks gorgeous when you first apply it, but it lasted about two hours on me before sliding off my face. I have never had a foundation last such a short length of time on my skin. This gets a big massive nope from me.

Juvia’s Place Eyeshadow shades Leyla and Jezebel

Don’t panic when you see the Nubian 2 in the photo. I love every shade in this palette except these two. Jezebel looks a really pretty matte egg plant shade in the pan however it has next to no pigment in it. It just doesn’t apply to the eyelids as richly as the others. Leyla is a very dark sparkly purple. This shade looks muddly on my eyes; the glitter doesn’t apply to my eyes in the same way as the other shimmer shades. It really isn’t for me. The rest of the palette is stunning though, and I am loving using it.

What products have disapointed you lately? Did you have similar experiences with any of these products? Please let me know.

Have a lovely day guys!



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