What’s On My Deezer Flow List?


If you have used the Deezer App you will know about the Flow Playlist. This is where Deezer takes songs that you enjoy listening to and composes a playlist of songs similar to this, and some of your favourites. The list changes constantly but I have noticed lately that these songs have come up more than others. I will link a Youtube video if I can find one of each song.

Blink-182: I Miss You

This song was actually introduced to me by Mark. It’s actually become our song, and it was the first song we danced to. It has got some weird lyrics but I actually love the song, and I’ll always have that memory of us dancing around his sitting room.

Jr Jr: Same Dark Places

This is such a catchy song, and one that I feel like I have listened to all my life, even though it just came out recently. It has been on the Flow List for a fair while now, and I’m not complaining.

Korn: Narsacissistic Cannibal

I recently added the Suckerpunch soundtrack to my favourites, and I noticed this song come up just after adding that album. I was never the biggest fan of Korn, but I love this song. It’s pretty cool, and it should have been used in Suckerpunch. It would have fit into the story quite well.

Kristen Chenoweth: Evil Like Me

Yes, I have been watching The Descendents, and it’s a guilty pleasure. This is the best song in the film. I love Kristen Chenoweth and her song is hilarious. You can’t help but sing along.

Charlie Daniels Band: The Devil Went Down to Georgia

This is one of my favourite country songs. I heard it on a film not long ago and added it to my favourites. Currently, Deezer has picked this as one of my current favourites to include in my Flow. I love the fiddle solos in this song.

2Cellos: With or Without You

I’m actually glad that this one is in the mix because it gives me warm fuzzy feelings about Mark. This is the song that he played on our one month anniversary. It’s really romantic and I actually prefer it to U2’s version (which Mark hadn’t heard). These two cello players are so talented.

Sofia Carson: Chillin’ Like a Villain

I haven’t watched Descendents 2 yet, but I can’t wait. This came up after I started playing the first soundtrack to death. This is such an awesome song. Sofia’s voice is amazing!

Jonathon Young: Shut up and Dance with Me

I must have been listening to quite a lot of Jonathon Young songs lately! His cover of Walk the Moon’s song is awesome! In Accapella this sounds fantastic. It is a very catchy song and I have loved this being on the Flow list lately.

What songs come up on your Flow Playlist?

Have a really lovely day guys, and enjoy my very varied taste in music!




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