5 Best Brands for Eyeshadow Quality


Hi guys! How are you all today?

My next installment for the top 5 series is a bit more colourful than the last one. Today, we’re talking about eyeshadow! I’ve said on many occassions that eyeshadow is one of my favourite things to play with; hence why I have so many. Not one shade can be the same after all!

It was really hard to pick my top 5, but here we go.

Juvia’s Place

This is the newest edition to my favourites. I have two of their palettes and the quality of these shadows is phenomenal. They give very little fallout, even though they are rich pigments and they last such a long time on the eyelids. Te quality beats some of my more expensive eyeshadow palettes. I fell hard for these!

Urban Decay

Urban Decay’s eyeshadows are beautiful. The quality is amazing and I love the names of each shadow. This company puts so much effort into each new release that there is something for everyone. You have the neutral toned Naked Palettes for the more reserved eyeshadow lovers. You then have the rich toned colourful palettes such as the Vice collection and the Electric palette. I have rarely been disapointed in one of these palettes yet. I love them a lot.


I love nars’ little duo eyeshadows. The colours go together so well and they always allow a fair amount of creativity. The longevity is amazing and it takes ages to hit pan on these eyeshadows. My favourite one is China Seas, and that has barely got a dip in it. The larger palettes are also amazing but I do have a special place in my heart for the duos.

Bare Minerals

Bare Minerals have some absolutely gorgeous eyeshadows. I love their loose pigment singles and their palettes. Everything is beautiful. They have a good mix of matte transition shades and really pretty shimmer shadows for the lid. I will admit that they tend to be more neutral toned compared to some of the other brands on this list, but they still have plenty of shades to keep things creative.

Natasha Denona

Yes, these are blummin’ expensive but they’re worth every penny. I love the colour payout in these eyeshadows. The palettes are so big and give a fair amount of shades that go well together to create a vast amount of looks. They truly are worth the high price point, but if you can get them on sale; wait until then.

What are your favourite brands for eyeshadow?



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