A Full Coverage Foundation from Bare Minerals


Hi everyone, how are you all today?

Bare Minerals is well known for it’s natural, light-weight makeup. Everything that I own from them is very neutral in tone and designed to enhance the wearer’s natural beauty. In that respect all there current foundations are light to medium coverage. There really isn’t anything that claims to be full coverage.

Last month they released a new liquid foundation under the Bare Pro name. You guys all know that I hated the powder version with a passion; it really wasn’t for me. The new release is the Bare Pro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation. This retails at £29 for a 30ml bottle. The bottle is very sleek and simple, like all of the current foundations from this brand. There is nothing gimmicky or weird about this packaging.

The foundation itself is advertised as being a matte full coverage product with up to a 24 hour wear time. Bare Minerals claims that this gives breathable coverage that lasts all day even though this is full coverage. I have been testing this out for about a month now and it is definitely a matte finish, and extremely full coverage. Not one red patch shone through this at all! My skin has been a little dry lately, and this does not cling to my drier patches or dehydrate my skin; everything feels quite comfortable.

On a normal day with very little exercise this does live up to it’s claim of all day coverage. This still looks flawless when I come to take my makeup off at the end of the day. It still looks even and nothing seems to show my natural skin texture.

With this being a full coverage foundation, I was worried about it caking on my face, which some fuller coverage products tend to do around my nose. This doesn’t cake at all. Two pumps covers my face comfortably; and I use the brush that Bare Minerals designed for this product. However a regular flat foundation brush would work just as well.

There are 30 shades available, so you are likely to find a shade that matches you. At the moment I wear the shade Natural, but in the cooler months I may need to go down to the shade Aspen.

All in all, this is a beautiful foundation if you are looking for a more fuller coverage product that won’t harm your skin. This is definitely one that I will be wearing more in the upcoming months.

Have a lovely day guys! Take care.



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