Monthly Favourites

Weekly Favourites: September #5


September is over!

I cannot believe how fast this month has gone. I thought that I had ages to move, but with work and a few minor disasters moving day caught up with me! However, there are a few little things that I enjoyed using among all the stress of moving house. I don’t have many beauty items this time, but there are a fair few weird things on this list that I wouldn’t normally choose.

Dose of Colours Eyedeal Duo in Envy

Oh my God this colour is beautiful! I’ve had this eyeshadow for quite a while now but have never really used it beyond Halloween last year. I decided to try recreating the Boyfriend Does My Makeup look in a more glam way, which Mark loved, and it got me using the glittery black shadow more and more. The cream part is very stick and really pigmented, making it the perfect base for a glittery pigment. I’ve actually used this base with some of my other loose pigments. It works really well and lasts such a long time on my eyelids.

Personal Planner A5 Diary

I have been itching to buy one of these for ages. I finally did it last month. I ordered this at the end of August and it took 2 weeks to arrive. The creators made these diaries to be completely personal for the user, and cut out the bits that they didn’t like. The process of designing your diary is so easy and I love the little bits inside that make this completely personal. Since I am living with someone now I wanted somewhere that I could keep track of both of our shifts and have space to plan my day. I absolutely love it.


I saw this film with Mark and I absolutely loved it. The book is fantastic and they did such a great job at keeping the story creepy but also included a few funny moments. It was such a good film, and I can’t wait for part 2 to come out next year.

Makeup Revolution Unicorn Dreams Lip Topper

This shade is stunning! It did come in a lip kit form, and I hate the lip liner, but this gloss is everything! I have been using this on top of my liquid lipsticks to add that little extra sparkle. It really adds something special to a boring matte lip. I do find that this hydrates my lips really well if I am wearing a more drying formula.

Guys we Fucked Podpast

I came across this podcast on Deezer and I love listening to it as I write my blog posts. These girls are hilarious but they do discuss some very thought provoking topics. As the name suggests, it is quite sexual, however they don’t just talk sex. I listened to one recently about free speech. These girls do not hold back. They’re worth checking out if you do fancy a good podcast show.

Bare Minerals Frame and Define Brow Pencil

This is such a good brow pencil. It really manages to draw in all your little hairs without looking unnatural. The colour is perfect for me too. Although I am blonde, I like my brows to be just a bit darker than my natural hair colour. I find that this frames my face a lot better than keeping them blonde.


What have been your favourites this week?

I hope that you all have a lovely day, and take care.



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