Eyeshadow Bingo: Singles Edition


Hi guys!

It’s been a while since I gave this another go. If you are unfamiliar with the rules, you pick a palette and pick random shades to create an eye look with. I first discovered this challenge on Rossy’s blog at Ayrgalaxy and she does some awesome looks with this challenge.

For this post, instead of using a palette I grabbed every single one of my single Bare Minerals pigments. I placed them all into a grid and used the Bingo App to generate random numbers.


And the shades that were picked…..

8: True Gold

10: Twilight

22: Velvet Charcoal

2: Nude Beach

6: Reveal

7: Finesse

Top: Reveal, Nude Beach, Finesse/ Bottom: True Gold, Twilight, Velvet Charcoal

This was quite a random pick of shades that I normally wouldn’t use together. But in the tradition that is Eyeshadow Bingo, I gave it a go!

I used Finesse to set the eye. This does have a slight bit of shimmer in it, but it wasn’t too noticeable. In the crease, I then buffed a light layer of Velvet Charcoal. This shade was an absolute bitch to blend; now I remember why I rarely use it! I also buffed this out along my lower lash line.

On the outer lid, I packed on a generous amount of the shade Twilight, leaving the inner part bare. In that area I packed the shade True gold, overlapping it slightly with Twilight.

In the tear duct I applied a tiny amount of the shade reveal. I honestly couldn’t figure out where to place Nude Beach because I don’t highlight my brow bone these days. Therefore, I used it as a highlighter and it worked beautifully.

Have you ever tried to play eyeshadow bingo? It’s definitely something that I would recommend if you are in a slump when it comes to eyeshadow looks.

Have a lovely day guys!



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