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Hi guys!

I mentioned last month that me and Mark are moving in together, and by the time that you read this we will have been in our house for about a week. I’m expecting to be quite busy over the next few weeks, so I’m trying to schedule as many posts as possible to allow myself some chill time over this month.

Throughout August and September I started picking up a few things. Between us, we do actually have a fair few things already, but I did want some new items to help this place feel more like a home.

Sabatier Knives Set

These are a really great brand of knives that happened to be on sale. I love the wooden holder that they’re in; it looks really sturdy and goes well with the decor in the kitchen. There are five knives in the box of varying sizes, and this cost me £20 in the sale. Bargain!

Morphy Richards Toaster and Kettle

Again, these were on sale for £20 each at Sainsburys. They are cream and have this cool diamond design imprinted into the base of both items. They both look so pretty and Morphy Richards is a good brand, so hopefully these won’t break any time soon.

Sainsbury’s Tea Towels

Since Mark’s tea towels have seen better days, I bought some new ones. These were really cheap and feel quite soft.The colours are really pretty (I have a weird thing about the colour brown; I love it a lot).

Tescos Cutlery Set

I’m like my Mam in a lot of ways; I love matching cutlery. Mark’s don’t match so I got a set that look really chic and pretty. These will be the ones that get put on the table whilst company is over.

Sainsbury’s Bathroom Utensils Holders

These look really plain at first but they have such a cute heart shaped design on them. There are two toothbrush and paste holders, a soap dispenser and a toilet brush. Together, these all cost under £20, and I love them.

I will be posting photos for a house tour, but I want to wait until everything looks nice before I do that. Have a lovely day guys, and take care!



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