October Wish List


Hi guys! How are you all today?

Most of my money is going on household items at the moment, so my desire for new clothes and makeup has been pushed to the background lately. There are some gorgeous things out at the moment and I want them all.

Here are my five most wanted things at the moment.

The Entire Autumn/Winter Jo Brown Collection

I love Jo Brown clothing and her newest collection is gorgeous. I just love how unique all of her clothing lines are and how flattering they are for women of fuller figures like myself. I did treat myself to a new shirt from here at the beginning of September, but I want more clothes from this line; they are gorgeous!

Natasha Denona Green Brown 28 Palette

I adore the Purple Blue palette, but the Green Blue has more shades that I would use on a daily basis. If I had a spare £200, I would buy this in a snap. However, I am a normal person and can’t afford this so I need to wait. The colours in here are so beautiful and if they are anything like the other palette, they blend like a dream. I want this so much!

Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts Palette

I love rusty shades for eyeshadow and this palette is to die for. It has such a luscious array of warm mattes and glitters. I need this in my life so bad! When I saw Jaclyn Hill swatch these my heart actually stopped. They look so pigmented and so stunning. I need these as a treat for my eyelids.

MAC Lipstick in Paramount

Okay, I only want this because Glamour came out and said that this is the shade Jennifer Anniston wore in Friends. It always looked so beautiful on her but I want to swatch it first. This shade is so hard to find in store, but once I find it, I will swatch and I will buy!

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette

I do have quite a few palettes on this list, but my excuse is that I’m an eyeshadow whore. I love playing with eyeshadow so much, and this palette has every shade that I would want. It looks gorgeous, and I love Jaclyn. If she says something is good, I trust her judgement.

What is currently on your wishlist? Have a lovely day guys!



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