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My Favourite Room in the House


The say the heart of any home is the kitchen, and this is certainly the case with my new home. This is the room that we chose to sort out first, and it came together beautifully.

I know that usually on a Sunday I do my top 5 beauty favourites, but I’ve honestly been far too busy to concentrate of beauty products this week. Instead, I wanted to share my favourite room in the house.

My colour scheme has been cream, black and chrome. I love how the black white goods contrast with the benches. Our tumble dryer was given to us by mark’s sister and the washing machine and fridge were bought by my family.


I did buy a fair few new things for the kitchen, however I shopped the sales as much as possible. I bought a gorgeous matching Morphy Richards toaster and kettle from sainsburys, which I mentioned in my homeware haul a few days ago. I also recently raided the B & M for a few bargains and picked up a lovely chrome mug tree and a chopping board. The mugs currently on there are from Wilkos.

Although I did buy a few things myself, me and Mark claimed quite a few hand-me-downs from family members, and our own times living alone. My Mam gave us a few storage jars, which I love. One pack of pasta is enough to fill these jars, which is always handy, and they look really pretty when full.


Some of my other favourite finds from Sainsbury’s were these vintage metal storage containers. They look so classy and go really well with the plain decor of the rest of the kitchen. Every jar was under £20. My only wish is that there was a bread bin in the collection.


Another bargain from Sainsbury’s was these cute little Kilner jars. My Mam bought some of these for herbs, so I copied the idea. I’m awful with names of herbs so I managed to salvage the stickers from the lid to pop on the sides of the jars. If you can think of any other herbs to fill these jars, let me know. I have eight more to fill!


Since we both work weird shifts, my Mam treat us to a slow cooker. I used to have one down in London and it came in handy quite a few times. I’ve made one or two casseroles in this one, and they all came out fab! The coffee maker is Mark’s and it makes a lovely mocha.



All of my cutlery and dinnerware are gifts from my parents and Grandma. The plates, cups and bowls have been in the family for years. I’m convinced that my Mam is using the excuse that I’ve moved to get rid of the clutter from the house!


I am not used to having so much space in a kitchen, and I’m struggling to find stuff to fill the cupboards.

I absolutely love this kitchen a lot. It always feels warm and cozy. It’s a wonderful place to be.

What is your favourite room in your house?

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.



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