Bourjois Rouge Velvet: The Lipstick Review


Bourjois have released new lippies. And, of course, being a lipstick junkie I dragged Mark into Superdrug and I swatched a fair few; of course, me being me, I bought a couple.

The new Rouge Velvet Lipstick retails at £8.88. The packaging is beautiful; each shade matching the lipstick colour inside. And I love how the lid tapers outwards slightly. They just look gorgeous and very minimalist.

The claims for the formula sound pretty incredible:

The Rouge Velvet lipstick combines extreme wear with a matte finish up to 24 hours while giving your lips a lightweight and mosturised feeling!

How can something be extrememly matte but also moisturising? In my experience it is very tricky to do both without compromising on longevity. This claims to do both but also last 24 hours. I did test this out with one of the darker shades, but I’ll get to that part soon!

There are twelve shades in the range, varying from nudes to brights and dark berry tones. Every single one looks gorgeous. There were shades that I wouldn’t wear, such as the beige shade ‘Hey Nude’ but we all have our own tastes and this will suit somebody out there.

You guys know me, I picked the reds and berries.

Top Left: Hyppink Chick, Brique-a-Brac. Bottom Left:  Rubi’s Cute, Joli Carinois
Left to Right: Magni-fig, Berry Formibable, Brunette

Every shade is beautiful and would suit so many different styles and skin tones. These do initially apply very creamy and can slide about if you’re not careful. The bullet shape makes it easy to grab your lip shape and keep everything even.

Once this dries down, it isn’t budging! I did the kiss test with these and there was no transfer at all. I have never known that with a traditional lipstick formula. I don’t know what deal Bourjois did with the devil to make this possible, but I am not complaining! As the the moisture claim, these are not as drying as liquid lipsticks and do feel comfortable. However they do feel a bit dry, although this does not register on the lips. They still look healthy and plump. For the longevity though, I am willing to put up with a tiny bit of dryness.

As for the 24-hour claim; I don’t know. However the longest that these have stayed on my lips is 12 hours. They do fade around the corners of my lips, like all lip products, however I did not need to touch up the colour at all.

If these do get hyped up, they are worth the hype. These have quickly become some of my favourite lipsticks over the past month. They are truly lovely.

What is your favourite lipstick in this collection? My favourites are a toss up between ‘Brique-a-bric’ and ‘Joli Carmin-ois.’ They are gorgeous! But I love them all.

Have a lovely day guys!



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