Second Chance for Checkmate


Hi guys!

I have a lot of lip products; some I love and some were major disappointments. However I do keep a hold of some of them for different reasons, and they often get a second chance.

Today I went quite glitzy on the eyes and decided to team it with a bright red lip. Rules were made to be broken!

I mentioned the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks in a disappointing products post a while back. I found them really uncomfortable to wear and they made my lips feel like sandpaper. And for £17, I found this a huge waste of money. However I kept hold of it because I was determined to make it work; maybe on a good lip day this will feel less drying on my lips.

Well, today was the day I decided to give this product another shot. My lips have been feeling quite moisturised lately and they have reacted quite well to the majority of dry liquid lipstick formulas. I am less likely to rub them off after ten minutes. I grabbed the shade Checkmate and applied it.

I had used the Body Shop Hemp Lip Balm before hand and used a lip liner as a base. Once this was applied I actually didn’t feel the need to rub this off my lips. It actually say quite comfortably whilst it dried, and once it dried it didn’t feel awful. Yes, it was still drying and felt tight but not as bad as those initial times wearing it in the past.

I always apply lip balm before my lipsticks so I don’t know why my lips have decided to welcome these liquid lipsticks to the fold, but I’m glad that I can finally get some useage out of these products.


Have there been any products that you used to hate that you gave a second chance to?

Have a lovely day guys.



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