My Current Makeup Collection


Hi guys!

As you know, I have been streamlining my makeup collection lately and have got rid of a lot of things that I honestly wasn’t using. Some of this was sold on Ebay, others were given away to friends.

Today I wanted to share some of the things that I kept and how my makeup table looks now. This was written whilst I was still living at home, so I will redo this post if things change in the new house.



I still have the same Oak table that I purchased from a colleague for £40. However, I do have a matching mirror, jewellery box and tissue container from Laura Ashley. These were a gift from my Mam and they are really lovely.

In front of my mirror, I have sme of my current favourite perfumes, and a few that I just want to use up. I’m making quite good progress with the Marc Jacob’s Daisy perfume, although I will be taking this on holiday with me next month; it’ll get used up then.

My brushes and lip products are kept in these gorgeous frosted glass candle holders from Sainsburys. I love these; they are the perfect size for storage, and go well with the mirror.

These are not all of my brushes. I keep the others in a box under my bed. When these ones get too dirty, I will do a swap. At the moment I am loving Zoeva and The Body Shop brushes. These currently make up a fair amount of my brush collection. I find them so luxurious and great for applying makeup.

On the lips side, I have a fair few liquid lipsticks from Kat Von D and Makeup Forever. These are the ones that I reach for the most, and they look gorgeous on display. I also have a few lipglosses that I’m trying to use up. Dior lipglosses are just too pretty to keep in a drawer right?


Everyday Drawer

In here is where I keep my skincare and current base products.

I am currently keeping my skincare quite basic; serum, moisturiser and lip balm. My skin is going through an angry phase and I don’t want to piss it off my layering on loads of products. My current regime is mostly from The Body Shop Drops of Light collection. These really do an amazing job at tackling redness and bringing moisture back to the face.

As for the makeup side, I keep my current base products. I am currently loving ELF primers and the No7 Lift and Luminate Foundation. My skin has been feeling so dry lately, and this sits beautifully on my skin without clinging too badly to the dry patches. I also keep a few concealers in here as well as a setting powder.


Base Drawer

In here, I keep my other base products. I have separate drawers for my foundations, primers and concealers. I also have a few face masks in here. When I get bored of what is in my everyday drawer, I swap it around with things from in here. The system has worked really well so far.


Blush, Bronzer and Highlighters

I’ve actually managed to streamline this quite well! Everything was tumbling out of the container and I’ve managed to make them all fit into that square box. There is no system to how things are stored however, all the shades in here are now shades that I reach for regularly.


Eyeshadow Drawer

I have two eyeshadow drawers. This first one is full of eyeshadow singles and smaller palettes. Bare Minerals and Nars take up the majority of this drawer, although I do own a few Dior, Chanel and Buxom palettes.


Palettes Drawer

I sold so many palettes on Ebay. These are all the ones that I use quite regularly, except for one that belongs to my sister. I really love the Natasha Denona Palette, and I love the Zoeva Palettes near the front of the drawer. Every palette in here is a joy to work with.


Eyes Miscallaneous

This holds everything else to do with eyes: Mascara, eyeliner, brow products and some cream eyeshadows. This is slightly overflowing, however I didn’t feel comfortable selling this stuff. I will use them up as I can.



Believe it or not, I actually do have less lip products than I used to. Everything fits comfortably in the containers. I still separate them by colour; nudes, reds and berry tones. I also have a small container for lip liners and lip stains.

How do you store makeup?

Have a lovely day guys!






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    1. Thanks. Unfortunately this table got left behind and my mam has claimed it. I have another one in the house but it doesn’t have that middle drawer. My new setup is a bit messy 😔 x

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