Makeup of the day

Makeup Ideas from my Boyfriend


Back when Mark’s hair was a tad shorter we took part in the Boyfriend Does my Makeup Challenge. The results were…. interesting.


Mark has always said that he loves really dark eye makeup, pale skin and dark lipstick. Basically, he likes the Goth look. When he tried to do my makeup he used a lot of black eyeshadow and picked a really red lipstick. He did layer about a month’s supply of foundation onto my face but he did try.

I was rewatching the video recently and wondered how many girls have tried to do a makeup look based on the products used by their boyfriends in these challenges. So grabbed a few products and created this glittery black makeup look.

I actually love it. I didn’t think that I would suit a full-on black eyeshadow look, but I loved it. I wore it this way to surprise mark for a date one night, and he really liked it. Awesome Girlfriend brownie points achieved!

This experience actually taught me that boys do know a thing or two about makeup and what would suit their girlfriend. They just don’t know how to apply the stuff. This also taught me to take more risks.

If you have attempted the Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge, give this a go. You may discover a brand new look for yourself.

Have a lovely day guys!




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