Makeup Revolution x Soph Does Nail Collab



Sophie was a Youtuber that I came across earlier in the year. She is such a lovely girl and does a lot of drugstore related reviews. Back in September she announced that she was collaborating with Makeup Revolution to create two palettes. Of course, looking at the colours I bought them on launch date. I am just that person!

Sophie has launched a highlighter palette and a eyeshadow palette. Respectfully, they cost £8 and £10 which is the same as other palettes from Makeup Revolution. The packaging is so beautiful; I love how they let Sophie design her own packaging with the watercolour design. I just wish that it was on the actual palette too because the cardboard bit gets thrown away. Both palettes however are a beautiful peachy tone with gold writing. They look very chic and pretty.


They eyeshadow palette was what really caught my eye and if you know me well, these are all the shades that I reach for on a daily basis. I love warm toned eyeshadows a lot. Although there is a mix of both cool and warm tones, I would say that the majoirty is warm toned.

In the palette, you definitely could complete a full eye look using just this palette;. She included a selection of 24 shades, both matte and shimmery. I do love that she included shades ideal for brows in here too (I have been using the shade Mug to fill mine in). I also love that there is a matte black.

Left to Right: Penguin, Pancakes, Fairy Lights, Pink Chamagne, Iced Coffee, Cuppa tea, Grow Old, Sparks Fly, Smokey Bronze, Mixed Berries, Tiramisu, Peaches.
Left to Right: Cloudberry, Pumpkin, Pine Tree, Petrol, Pug, Danger, Strawberry Sweets, Festive Flame, Copper Coin, Mug Cake, Rosewood, Nightmare

The shades apply beautifully to the eyelids and with a primer they last a really long time.  I have used these quite a lot over the past month and there has been very little fallout everytime I come to use them, which is fantastic for drugstore eyeshadows!

I will be doing a lot of eyeshadow looks with this in the future, and I may include it in an eyeshadow bingo challenge one day.


And now onto the highlighter palette. I was so impressed with this upon first trying it out. The colours are stunning. Soph designed this for all skin tones, however I would say that all the shades go well for lighter skin tones. Not one shade looks too dark on me, and I am pretty pale at this time of year!

I love how pigmented these shades are. They are so shimmery, but there is definitely a great mix of subtle everyday colours and full-blown glam glow highlighters.


Every single shade is suitable for my skin tone. I love the lilac shade and the baked coppery shade. However I have been reaching for this every day since receiving it.


These apply so beautifully and can be built up if you want more of a blinding highlight. They last such a long time on the skin; I love them a lot! In fact, you’ve probably seen them in a favourites post before this review came out; I’ve been scheduling so much lately because of the move, so I do apologise if there have been first impressions posts coming out after I have mentioned them in a favourites.

Have you tried these palettes yet guys? They are worth every penny!


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