All things Hair

What is going on with my Hair???


I really do have a love hate relationship with my hair. But one thing that we could both agree on is that it will always be thin and fine.

Well that was until I moved!

Now it’s as if some sort of mutant power has taken over and gave my hair a sudden volume boost. Seriously, I have never known my hair to be so thick. What the hell has happened???

No, I’ve used nothing new on my hair; no super duper volumising shampoos or serums. I have just been using my usual products. I have always wanted thicker hair but over the years I came to accept that it was never going to happen.

Maybe it’s something about the area I live in now…. maybe there is some secret well of hair styling magic that makes your hair wishes come true. Or maybe there are magic elves that style your hair in the night….

Do you guys have any ideas?

Have a lovely day!




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