Barry M Meteor Storm Palette Review


It takes a lot for a drugstore brand to impress me with eyeshadow formulas. This is something that, in general, higher end brands get better. However, this month there have been two that have really impressed me, and I have used constantly. The first was Makeup Revolution’s Sophie X Palette, which I am still obsessed with. The other is Barry M’s Meteor Storm.

I mentioned this last week in a favourites post, so you can probably guess that this will be a mostly positive review.

This palette retails at Β£9.99, which for Barry M, is quite pricey compared to their other eye palettes, which tend to retail more at Β£6.49. I’m unsure of why there is such a big jump in price; maybe there are different ingredients to create the duo-chrome tones. I honestly have no idea. However, the price is still a lot lower than other drugstore palettes in the market.

Meteor Storm is a completely shimmer palette. The colours all look stunning and look amazing together. You have three duo-chrome shadow toppers and five metallic shades. The duo-chromes are stunning, and can be built up really easily if you want to wear them on their own, however on top of the metallic shades they look phenomenal.

The metallic shades on the other hand are also gorgeous, and blend out like a dream. You do have no matte shades to add to the crease, however this palette really doesn’t need it. They blend out so well on a bare lid and look flawless.


This has got to be one of my favourite palettes in a long while. It has definitely made me want to try more Barry M Palettes. The colours are perfect for the colder months, and I can’t wait to use it even more. I am in love!

What is your favourite drugstore palette?

Have a lovely day guys!




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