High End vs Drugstore


Hi everyone, how are you all?

A few months ago I created a small challenge for myself based on a few Youtube videos that I’d seen at the time. In my vast collection of makeup, there’s bound to be a few dupes, so I took similar products and shades, and put all the cheaper makeup on one side of my face, and all my expensive makeup on the other.

So which side do you think is which?

I’ll let you know at the end, but for now I want to share some of the products on my face, and what I thought of them.



Foundation and Powder

For a base, I wanted to test out the new Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation. This applied semi-matte and blended out beautifully. It is a light to medium coverage, and I had to build up the coverage on my cheek area a bit because the redness did shine through slightly with one layer. However I loved the way it looked and it feels quite luxurious. On the high end side, I used my trusty Dior Forever foundation. This covers really well and gives a similar finish to the Rimmel. Apart from coverage, there wasn’t much difference in how this sat on my skin.

To set the foundation, I used the Avon Luxe powder to set the drugstore side. I do find this quite drying and it altered the colour of the foundation slightly. It’s not my favourite setting powder, but it did the job. On my expensive side, I used my Bare Minerals Bareskin Powder. This is a compact powder, like the Avon one, but this feels much lighter and doesn’t oxidise on my face. But this has been a firm favourite for many years.


I used two favourites for a slight bit of face warming. On my high-end side, I used the Bare Minerals Invisible Bronze. This has a subtle bit of shimmer running through it, but it looks so natural on the skin, making it identical to my drugstore choice; No7 Duo Bronzer. Both have a similar finish but I find the Bare Minerals product that bit warmer. I love both bronzers; they are gorgeous!


I’m pretty sure that I used the same blush shades as the previous post, so I’ll move swiftly on to highlighters. For the drugstore side, I mixed the lilac and pink shades from Makeup Revolution’s Soph X Highlighter palette. This gave a subtle bit of shimmer, which could be built up if I wanted. However, I wanted to keep things quite soft.

As for the high end side, I used the Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter. This is gorgeous and looks really natural on the skin. I do prefer the Makeup Revolution highlighter, because it gives a touch more shimmer, which I’ve been loving lately.


Ever since locking eyes on the three new Barry M Eyeshadow Palettes, I could only think that these were dupes for Anastasia’s Subculture Palette. The shades are so similar! I do love the Subculture Palette and find that it blends out really well, however I did find that the Barry M formulas were a tad more blendable and easier to work with. There wasn’t much difference, but it’s great to know that there are cheaper alternatives for this really expensive palette.

Brows, Mascara and Liner

I actually bought some new products for my drugstore side. Tanya Burr has released a new mascara, eyeliner and brow pencil. I was so impressed with all three items. The Selfie Lash was a wet formula however it didn’t clump up my lashes and gave them a decent amount of length compared to the mascara on my high end side; Benefit’s They’re real. This mascara does add length, however not as much as the drugstore one.

For liner I used the Ciate Fierce Liner to create a medium line along my upper lashes. This does apply quite patchy on me and I find that the formula does make my eyes water slightly. It’s not a favourite. As for the drugstore side, Tanya Burr’s Selfie Flick is a very liquidy formula that applied very intensely, and took a while to dry. However once it dried down, it was budge-proof. I loved it.

Finally, for brows I used my old favourite Benefit Goof Proof Brow pencil. This is quite a thick product and creates effortless brows. I love this product, however I did prefer the shape of the Selfie Sculpt. It was a lot sharper and looked just a tad bit more natural. I still love my Benefit Brow product, but I really was impressed with Tanya’s new launch.


I used two old favourites here. On the high end side, I used Double dare from kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick collection. This is such a beautiful, long-lasting formula which has made me buy many more shades over the past few months. I adore them.

The most similar shade that I could find to this was Rimmel’s Stay Matte in Pink Bliss. This is slightly more drying compared to Kat Von D’s lipstick, however it’s still comfortable. Both formulas are ones that I love so much and keep coming back to.


So have you figured out which side was drugstore and which is high end? On the right was my high end side, and the left was all things drugstore.

Overall, I think that the drugstore side came together better, but I love all makeup and still enjoy using everything.

What dupes have you found lately, please let me know of some of your favourites.

Have a lovely day!



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