Kat Von D’s Saints and Sinners Palette


Hi everyone, how are you all today?

I made a rule at the start of this month; I will only buy one item of makeup a month. Well I had quite a tough choice this month between Jaclyn Hill’s Morphe palette, Violet Voss’s Nicole Concilio Palette or this one. After seeing Kat Von D’s latest palette in Debenhams, my choice was pretty easy.

The Saints and Sinners Palette retails at £52, which is quite pricey. However, you do get 24 eyeshadows in this palette. Considering Kat’s other palettes retail at £37 for 12, it’s really not too bad.


The packaging, of course is gorgeous. So much effort must go into making these palettes look as unique as possible, where most brands are sticking with neutral tones, this palette really stands out in the crowd. Saints and Sinners looks look a Gothic Church archway. It is so beautiful. It has a matte black background and raised gold patterns. I even love the company symbol; a mixture of golds and black.

The palette opens up revealing two slimline mirrors and the eyeshadows within. The mirrors are quite thin, and I struggled to use them, although I really don’t know how else Kat would have included a mirror in this palette. It’s nice that it included a mirror, but I don’t find it practical.

As for the eyeshadows themselves, they look gorgeous in the palette. I love the fact that they are not set out in any particular order; everything is mixed. Although as a rule, the Saint side appears to have safer, neutral shades and the Sinners side has more pops of colour. I don’t have a favourite side. Every shade here inspires me to get creative (of course the first look that I created was a neutral toned pink look), and I can’t wait to use more shades.

Left to Right: Absolution, Rapture, Worship, Immaculate, Sabbath, Ashes, Chalice, Sacred Heart and Amen
Left to Right: Martyr, Devil, Revelation, Sanctuary, Heaven, Crucifix, Vestment, Ministry and Exodus
Left to Right: Cathedral, Rosary, Baptism, Exorcism, Relic and Stigmata

Although I haven’t used all of these shadows in looks yet, they all swatch beautifully. Every finger swatch here was one swipe on my arm. The colour payoff is amazing. I love the shades Stigmata, Vestment and Sacred Heart. These types of shades just call to my soul; I love them so much. And I can’t wait to experiment with Ministry and Cathedral.


On my eyes, I did try to use a mixture of mattes and shimmers, to try and see how great each formula was. Across my entire lid, I swept the shade Amen as a base. Then in the crease I built up the shades Martyr and Devil, keeping things very soft. On my outer corner of my eye I swirled a small amount of the shade Worship. Across my whole lid I packed the shade Sacred Heart, softening the edges with a touch of Baptism. Then, using my finger I tapped the shade Rapture over the top to try and blend everything together.

Along my lower lash line I blended out a small amount of Exorcsim. In my inner corner I mixed the shades Baptism and Absolution to create a very sparkly white inner corner highlight.

The mattes blended out really well and were such a dream to work with. There were no harsh lines and my brush hardly had to work at all. The shimmers were beautiful, with a slight bit of fallout; although I have come to understand that shadows with this much pigment will have some fallout. The duochrome sparkle shades are stunning and create a beautiful shadow topper. Rapture really helped Sacred Heart pop that bit more on my lids. I will mention that I have had these shadows on all afternoon and they have hardly faded.

Overall I am really impressed with this palette, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves colourful shadows. The colour selection may scare few people, but it really inspires a lot of creativity if you love playing with eyeshadow.

What are your thoughts on this palette?

Have an awesome day guys!



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