30 Days of Makeup: My ‘Signature’ Look


I asked Mark what he considered my signature look to be, because I honestly had no idea. I like to play with my makeup, and never do the same look twice. Mark said something similar. He told me that I don’t have a signature look; I enjoy playing around with different things and seeing what works.

So I did nothing different today. I played with my makeup.

I kept my skin very clean and fresh using the Bare Minerals Bare Pro Liquid Foundation and adding some colour with Dior’s Air Nude Bronzer, Bare Minerals Ready Blush in The Indecent Proposal, and finally used the Lottie London Holographic Highlighter Palette on my cheekbones.

I used the Kat Von D Saints and Sinners Palette to create a duo-chrome purple and green upper lid, and smoking out the lower lashline with the gold shade.

On my lips, I kept things very neutral with the Bobbi Brown Almost Pink lipstick. This colour is so flattering and went well with the darker eyeshadow.

I doubt that I ever will develop a signature look. In my opinion, experimenting is my signature look.

Have a lovely day guys, and I’ll see you tomorrow for the next challenge.



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