30 Days of Makeup Challenge: Monochromatic


I wanted to have a bit of fun with the Monochrome challenge and break a few makeup rules in the process. You often hear that you should never wear bold lips, eyes and cheeks together because it pulls peoples attention to features to don’t necessarily want attention drawn to. Well, fuck it! I don’t want to draw attention away from anywhere, and I don’t intend to look like a clown whilst trying this. I’m giving it my best shot!

The colour that I chose is red.

Yes…. red.

I love using red tones in my makeup, but I’ve never tried wearing them all at once.

Well, here’s the look that I came up with….. and I love it!

I used Kat Von D’s Stigmata from the Saints and Sinners Palette around the eyes, darkening the outer edge with a touch of Crucifix as this has red undertones.

On the cheeks I used Urban Decay’s Afterhour Blush in Bang. I love this colour! It’s so bold, yet can be toned down with a lot of blending. I tend to get a lot of compliments whilst wearing this, and it’s a shade that I wouldn’t have picked up before buying. As you know, blush used to terrify me growing up.

On my lips, I took the really pretty matching lipstick Bang from Urban Decay. This is normally a shade that I reserve for Summer, but it really suited this look.

This looked ended up looking very Autumnal but I still loved it. I love red and orange tones and it was pretty fun breaking some of the ‘rules.’

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.



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