My First Little Known Beauty Box


Hi everyone, how are you all today?

I made the decision to try and find some little known brands to try since all the better known brands get reviewed to death, and honestly, not many new releases have excited me lately. However I had no idea where to look for some of these smaller brands.

I came across Little Known Beauty on Instagram. It is a subscription box service that focuses on smaller brands and promotes vegan and cruelty free brands. The boxes start from £12.45 plus postage, which isn’t too bad compared to some other beauty boxes on the market. The average box gets 6 products in it, unless you pay for extra items. I pay for an extra makeup item in my box so my total payment comes to £14.95 plus shipping.

So is the box worth it.

My box this month was really nice. I loved the packaging in it’s glossy black box, and I really loved the hand-written note from the owners welcoming me to the service; it was a nice touch. I also got a freebie for joining in the form of some false lashes. I don’t wear false lashes normally, but I’ll certainly give them a try on day; they look semi-natural.

My extra makeup item was a gorgeous berry toned liquid lipstick from Medusa Makeup. I got the shade Bang, and this formula is amazing. It dries down really quickly without feeling too drying. This would have lasted all day if I hadn’t taken my makeup off at the end of the day. This has actually impressed me enough to try more Medusa products, so I’ve signed up to their subscription box to give a few more things a try.

The main box consisted mainly of skincare and hair care products. The first item was Acure Organic’s Brightening Facial Scrub. This feels amazing. My skin felt squeaky clean after using it and it did have a slight glow. This didn’t feel harsh on the skin, and I haven’t had any weird reactions to it. This retails at £15.50 for the full size.

Next up was a full sized product. The L’Ocean Eye Serum has been my favourite item in the box. I really struggle with eye creams because they tend to dry out my under-eye area. So far, I haven’t had any issues. A little product goes a long way and this does such an amazing job at firming up my eyes. My wrinkles feel less pronounced and concealer applies fantastically over the top. It is awesome. This was one of the higher priced items in the box, retailing at £35. It’s definitely worth it.

I also got travel sizes of Monu’s Skin Shampoo and Conditioner. I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t like these. They didn’t spread through my hair very well and my hair was a nightmare to brush after my shower. It definitely felt clean and smooth, but the pain of brushing became too much. The full sized items, which retail at £14.95, may be better, but I just wasn’t impressed.

My next item was a body butter. Ezape Natural’s Body Butter smelled amazing. It smelled of rosemary and was divine. It spread really well on the skin and didn’t leave a sticky residue on the skin. A 30ml container costs £6. I may need to buy this properly. I loved it.

I did get a tiny sachet of Laid bare’s Eye Cream. I have emptied this into a pot because the sachet had about a week’s worth of eye cream in it. This is still a gorgeous eye cream, and firmed out any wrinkles. However I do prefer the L’Ocean serum. For a full eye cream it costs £7.99.

Overall I was impressed with my box. I am hoping that more makeup will be in the next box, but I did discover some new skincare items for my morning regime, and I am tempted to buy full sizes of some of these items.

Have you ever tried the Little Known Box? Do you know of any smaller brands that I come review?

Have a nice day guys, and take care.



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