My Favourite Palettes of 2017

Personally 2017 was a really awesome year. There was some really great moments; stuff that I didn’t really see occurring this year at all. Yes, 2017 has had it’s rough patches for the world as a whole, but I’m trying to focus on the positive.

I will be doing a full favourite makeup list later on, but for now I wanted to concentrate on my favourite makeup item…. palettes. I love a good eyeshadow palette, and throughout 2017 I found some really awesome ones that I used time and time again. Today, I wanted to share seven of my favourite palettes.

There are some drugstore ones and higher end ones, so hopefully there is something here for everyone.


Makeup Revolution x Soph Does Nails Palette

This was released a few months ago. I love Soph Does Nails. She makes some very easy to watch videos, and her tutorials are very creative. Her palette is amazing. The colour choice is very inspiring and makes you want to try out some new looks. You have everything from matte crease shades to shimmers; there is even a bone shade and black. You wouldn’t really need to reach for any other palette. You can get an entire look from just the shades within this palette. The shades themselves are very pigmented and blend out really easily. This is an amazing palette for the price range.


Bare Minerals’ Bare Naturals Palette

I bought this in June ready for my little holiday with Mark. The shades in here are gorgeous. Again, you have every shade in here to create an entire look. I love palettes that have mostly neutrals but with a tiny pop of colour here and there; the shade Twilight is beautiful for an evening look. Bare Minerals shadows have always been some of my favourites for blendability and longevity. They are just so effortless to use. I will be reaching for this one a lot more in the upcoming year.


Nars Narsissist Loaded Palette

I’ve actually hit pan on this one! I remember writing when this one was released how much I wanted one of the Nars Narsissist palettes. Nars release these palettes every year, and they always have such a gorgeous colour range. This one is full of warm neutrals, and it was the perfect palette for the Summer and Autumn months. Once again, this is another palette that can give you a full look without reaching for other singles or palettes. Nars shadows have a reputation for being really creamy and pigmented; this palette is no different to any other eyeshadow in the collection. It is stunning!


Barry M Meteor Storm

This is the cheapest palette on this list, and I love it. I really enjoyed topping my matte shadows with a duo-chrome glitter. The 7th shade is my favourite. It has a gorgeous green-gold duo-chrome finish. On top of any shadow this really helped eyeshadow looks pop. This lasts such a long time on the lids and puts pricier palettes to shame with it’s pigmentation.


Natasha Denona Purple Blue Palette

By far the most expensive palettes on this list, but it’s worth every penny! Natasha’s eyeshadows are such amazing quality; they blend like a dream and are so richly pigmented. This being a colourful palette means you do need a few matte neutrals on standby, but I honestly don’t mind it. I have reached for this palette an awful lot this year. I especially love the shades Petroleum Blue and Calypso Blue. If you are wanting to save up for a decent palette, definitely check this one out.


Juvia’s Place Saharan Palette

This was one of the most hyped up palettes that I came across this year. When the brand launched on Beauty Bay, making this readily available to the UK, the palettes sold out almost instantaneously.  Luckily I was able to get hold of this palette. Juvia’s Place really is worth all the hype. The shadows are gorgeous quality for a really decent price point. I love the mix of warm and cool tones in this palette along with the pops of colour. It’s a gorgeous palette to work with. The shades are insanely pigmented, and they last such a long time without creasing on the eyelids. I absolutely adore this palette!


Kat Von D’s Saints and Sinners Palette

Throughout November and December, this has been one of the only palettes that I have reached for. I love the randomness of this palette; it forces you to be creative by placing the neutral transition shades with the bright shimmers. I have loved experimenting with the reds and purples in this palette. The shades here blend really easily and make creating some colourful eye looks extremely effortless. I love this palette a lot.

What have been your favourite palettes this year?

Have a lovely day!



6 thoughts on “My Favourite Palettes of 2017

  1. The Soph X palette is one of my favourites of this year, I have to say the my ABH modern renaissance has also been well used and remains a favourite along with the MUA Tropical Oceana palette, it has been perfect for Christmas greens.

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