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A Full Face of Bare Minerals Makeup


One of my favourite brands of makeup will always be Bare Minerals. I love their products so much, and always come back to them time and time again. Today I wanted to create a look with some of my favourites. And since Bare Minerals is well known for it’s natural looks, I wanted to create something more colourful just to prove that lovers of brighter makeup looks can still come to this brand for some pretty awesome eyeshadow and lip colours. The only product that I didn’t have is a mascara, because I’m allergic to the lash Domination mascara, however everything else is from the brand.

Bare Minerals Ready Foundation

I’m sorry! I know that this is a discontinued product, but I just keep reaching for it. This gives me such a flawless finish without caking my skin in a lot of product. It is so easy to apply, and really quick to cover imperfections if you are in a hurry. I do hope that Bare Minerals brings this back; it’s an all-time favourite for me. Yes, it can be tricky to apply at times, and I have struggled on some days to not leave weird patches on the skin. However I have found that if I moisturise well and use a diffused buffing brush, it gives the best finish.

 Original SPF Concealer

This is a lovely under-eye concealer. My eye area has actually been behaving lately, so I have gotten away with using this as a concealer. Normally I use this to set my liquid concealer. This doesn’t settle in the fine lines around my eyes, and blends in nicely with the foundation.

Ready 4.0 Eyeshadow Palette

The palette that I used has been discontinued so I won’t name it, however their are some lovely quads still available, and there are some colourful ones within the collection. I love the deep blues in this palette. Bare Minerals eyeshadows blend out so well and last a really long time on the lids. There are more brighter tones available in the singles and duos if you do want some really out there colours.

Frame and Define Pencil

This gives such natural brow hairs. I actually prefer this to the Benefit Brow products. I find that the point stays sharp and is easy to mimic the natural hairs in the brows. It is a nice, relatively cheap product if you like to fill in your brows. The only downfall is that it is only available in two shades, and the palest is still pretty dark.

Original Blush and Warmth

These are my most used blushers. The shades available are gorgeous. Although most of them are quite natural, there are some brighter shades available. I mixed the shades Vintage Cheap with Golden Gate to get a more glowy cheek look because I no longer have highlighters from Bare Minerals; I just didn’t use them. These do give a lovely glow, however they are not overpowering. The bronzer, Warmth, is an amazing product. I tend to wear this more in the Summer as it can be a bit dark for me, however if applied sparingly it does work as a stunning matte bronzer. I’ve gone through three of these in the past. It’s one of those products that I just keep reaching for.

Gen Nude Lipstick

I used the shade Mantra, which to me is pretty much my natural lip colour. I love the formula of this lipstick, and it was one of my favourite lip products last year. They feel so light on the lips but add a nice layer of colour to the lips. They are so beautiful. I would definitely check out a few of these, if you haven’t already.

What is your favourite product from Bare Minerals?

Have a lovely day, and take care!



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