The Best Mascaras of 2017


Mascaras were something that I explored a lot over the past year. I wanted to find something that would actually make my lashes look longer and stand out against some of the bolder colours that I wore over the year.

These were some of my favourite mascaras from 2017.

Dior Pump n’ Volume

I’ve had quite a love-hate relationship with this mascara over the past year. It even showed up in a disapointing products post a while back. However, I have found that as the mascara has dried slightly, I have found this easier to work with. This gives such a lovely volume to the lashes and doesn’t smudge throughout the day, or crumble as the day goes on. It is actually quite lovely. Just be warned, it is a very wet formula when you first buy it, but persevere, and it will become a favourite.

Essence Lash Princess

This is a lovely mascara. I tend to wear this on my natural makeup days, however it does build up to give me more volume. This doesn’t transfer to the lid or smudge in a horrible way along the lower lash line. I absolutely love it. This is definitely the most affordable mascara on this list, but it definitely impressed me.

Clinique Flutter to Full Mascara

This is an old favourite however I have repurchased this this year. I have loved this mascara so much. I do tend to wear this more as a lower lash mascara, however it is amazing in the Summer, because it doesn’t run. It is not advertised as a waterproof mascara, however I do find it quite water resistant. This gives such natural, fluttery lashes, and layers quite easily without clumping.

Lancome Monsieur Big

By far, this is the most voluminous mascara that I used this year. It gives the most big and voluminous lashes ever without the need of a lash primer. I can use this on my upper and lower lashes without it smudging, and it does last all day without crumbling all over my face. It is beautiful. Yes, it is a wet formula, but I didn’t have the same issues as the Dior mascara in the beginning.

PUR Triple Threat

I use this mascara for my lower lashes only. It is smudge proof and catches every tiny lash without clumping the lashes together. It is the best mascara for my lower lashes, which are invisible with me being blonde. I have always struggled with my lower lash line; it has looked messy in the past.

L’Oreal Lash Paradise

I’ll end this with the most hyped up mascara of the year. This is a great dupe for the Lancome mascara; give give a similar finish, however this one is more affordable. I love this mascara for bolder eyeshadow looks. It tends to bring eye looks together really well. This is a really long-lasting mascara. It really is worth all the hype.

What has been your favourite mascara this year?

Have a lovely day, and take care.



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