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Medusa Beauty Subscription Box


Hi guys, how are you all today?

This is my second Medusa Makeup Subscription box, and I really wish that I could afford to keep it going. I am so impressed with this service; everything is full sized and you get five products for only £15. Yes, you only get Medusa products, but I really do think that this brand is worth the money.

I love the products that I got in this box. I got all makeup items this time, and I can’t wait to use them.

Lip Stick in Triple X- $12

This lipstick is a satin finish and is quite a bright pink. However it is not too pink to be horrifying. I could still wear this on a daily basis. The formula is quite creamy and hydrating, but I do feel that this will be quite long-lasting. I’ve had it on now for a few hours and it hasn’t faded too badly. I will do a proper review of this later. I might even buy a few more shades.

Rage Against the Bean Lip Balm- $8.95

I don’t know what to say about a lip balm. It’s a lip balm. They’re all pretty similar to me. I will have to use it more to see if it makes any difference to my dry lips, but I do like the Vanilla scent that this has.

Contour Brush- $6

I really don’t think that this is a contour brush. It’s too small for my sort of contouring. I’m probably going to use this more for eyeshadow. The brush feels very soft; ideal for packing on colour onto the lid, but keeping the edges soft.

Eye Dust in Golden Boy- $8

You guys already know that I love the Eye Dusts. I got the shade Karma Chameleon in my last package. This looks a very intense bronze gold; similar to MAC’s Amber Lights. It is insanely pigmented and I can’t wait to wear this on my eyes.

Canvas Bag- $8

This little makeup bag is really cute. I love the design on the front. For the size of it, I’ll probably keep lipsticks in it, in my handbag. I’m sick of having them roll about the bottom of my bag.

That was everything that I received in my subscription box. Have you tried this brand yet? definitely give it a go if you haven’t. The items are relatively cheap, and the subscription service is worth every penny.

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.



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