Makeup Revolution vs Anastasia Beverley Hills

Hi everyone! How are you all today?

I was in Superdrug the other day and noticed a new palette from Makeup Revolution. It is part of their new Iconic Division collection in which there are four palettes with varying colour schemes. The palette that caught my attention was the Reloaded palette; I love a good turquoise and this looked really up my street. For £4, it was worth it.

It wasn’t until I got it home that the colour scheme reminded me of a palette that I already owned.

Look familiar?

The colour scheme is identical to Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Subculture Palette. This palette retailed at £43 and was quite a controversial palette when it first launched. I really liked it although I do understand where the haters were coming from. This is still a palette that I reach for every now and again when I want a dark, grungy smoky eye.

The Makeup Revolution palette does have one extra shade compared to Subculture, so I have left that out of this comparison. When swatched, the shades are very similar, although the Anastasia ones do come across as more pigmented. They had more fallout than the Makeup Revolution ones. However, the shades are extremely similar to each other (ABH is on the left, MR on the right).



However, I have learned that swatches aren’t always the best way to test how an eyeshadow performs. Therefore I decided to create the same look with both palettes, using Subculture on my left eye, and Reloaded on my right eye.


In general, I found very little difference in the way that these eyeshadows performed. The Subculture mattes do pick up more product so I did have to tap the excess away before blending onto the lid. However, once blended out there was little difference to the Reloaded shades. Some of the Reloaded shades did need to be built up a bit more since the pigment wasn’t as strong, yet in the end I got an identical look.

The shimmery shades performed slightly differently. I did find that the Subculture shades clumped up and needed much more blending. The Reloaded ones applied much smoother to the lids without any weird clumping.

The lights weren’t my friends when I took the photo, but both eyes looked identical in the finish. So if you do fancy saving yourself £39 buy the Makeup Revolution palette. There is no difference whatsoever; except you get more eyeshadow for your money in the Makeup Revolution Palette.

Have you found any good dupes lately? Let me know, because who doesn’t love a good dupe for an expensive product?

Bye for now!



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