Violet Voss x Nicol Concilio Palette Review


Hi everyone! How you doin’?

I have wanted this palette for sooo long, but by the time that I could afford it, Beauty Bay had pulled it from their website. Nooooo!

Luckily, when I was browsing Depop, someone had a genuine unused palette for sale for £30. So I saved a bit of money, and this was on sale for £43. If you don’t mind second hand makeup, Depop is a really good website to use; I’ve bought a few things on here in the past, and haven’t been disappointed yet.

So let’s get onto the palette. I have never used Violet Voss palettes in the past, and I really loved the colour range that Nicol picked for this palette. There are so many warm nudes and some really pretty bright colours; it’s really up my street. Violet Voss’ eyeshadows do have a reputation for being amazing, so I was hoping that the quality would be the same here.

In the swatches, I swatched the top 2 rows with a brush, and the bottom rows with my finger, just to see if the quality stays the same throughout.

Left to right:Chawwcolate, hey Girl, Blou, Hangry, Daisy, Mars, Pizza, Bruh, Zo-Zo, NYC
Left to right: Glorious, Nicol, Sagitarius, GiGi, Palm Tree, LA, Victoria, Boop-Bop, Pingy, Retrograde

In the palette, you have 10 mattes and 10 shimmers. All shades performed beautifully in the swatches. The mattes were so rich and creamy, and blended out so easily. I’ll definitely be using the shades Hey Girl and Boop-Bop so much. They are stunning transitional shades. As for the shimmers, they are so pigmented, and a little shadow blends out a long way without compromising the quality. I used the shades Pingy and Palm trees in the look at the bottom of this post, and they are gorgeous! I can’t wait to use them more in different looks.

On the eyes, these shades blended out and melted into each other so well. It was a joy to work with. Coming into Spring, the colour range is one that I will be reaching for a lot. This does make me want to try other Violet Voss palettes one day.


Have you tried this palette? If you can still purchase it, I’d highly recommend giving it a go. It is amazing!

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.



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