Creating my Own Eyeshadow Palette



Hi guys, how are you all this morning?

It would be my ultimate dream to create my own makeup brand one day, and part of that would be creating an eyeshadow palette. Let’s face it, my biggest obsession in regards to makeup is eyeshadow. I love the stuff. So if I ever did get the opportunity to create my own brand and products, this is what I would start with.

If I got to name my own company, it would be Rosebud Cosmetics. This was a nickname that my Grandad called me growing up. I was really close to my Grandad so I think it would be a nice way to remember him by calling my company after a nickname that he gave me.

I have been working on this idea for quite a while, and the image above is the finished idea of names and shades. Yeah, there is still a few scribbles here and there, but this was just a fun idea that I thought of. I am nowhere near famous enough to create my own palette, or rich enough to drop everything and develop this myself. It is my dream however, and I hope that one day, this drawing in a notebook may become a reality.


Semi-Skimmed: (Bone coloured Matte) This shade is a necessity for me. I use a shade like this every day to set my eyelids. I named this shade semi-skimmed because let’s face it; it’s going to be the most boring shade in the palette. It needs an exciting name to compensate for that. Calling a shade after a type of milk… atleast people will remember it and prombably wonder what the hell I was thinking! I was tempted to call it Bella or Bullhead after one of the ferrets, but I didn’t want two shades in the palette named after the ferrets.

Ginger: (matte gingersnap orange) I love this sort of shade for my transitions. I reach for it everyday that I want to do a warm eye look. This shade just really suits me, and orange was one of the first eyeshadows that I purchased myself. I called it ginger to remember the ginger, coppery hair that I had last year. It was awesome, but something that I’ll probably never do again.

Lucy: (matte light brown) This one was named after one of the female ferrets. She is the smallest of the ferrets and one of the cutest. I had to name one of the brown shades after her.


Sagittarius: (Medium matte Brown) Yet another crease shade! I named this Sagittarius because that is my star sign, and I always imagine Centaurs as brown for some reason.

Monstro (Dark Brown): Where Rosebud was my Grandad’s nickname for me, Monstro was my sister’s. I had to name a shade after her, and Laura does tend to wear a lot of brown eyeshadow if she does wear any. This sort of colour just reminds me of her.

Honeypot (Shimmery Gold): A palette by me wouldn’t be complete without a shimmery gold shade for all over the eyelids. Gold really suits a lot of eye colours, but especially blue. I came up with the name honeypot because of Mark. This is one of his many nicknames for me. It seemed to suit a gold shade really well.

Snuggles: (Satin Royal Blue) Mark loves royal blue shades on me so it made sense to name his favourite colour after him. I actually call him either Snuggles or Snuggle Puppy. Snuggles would probably fit on the palette better.

Joy: (Shimmery Turqoise) It’s no secret that I love turquoise shades. They make me happy. I love reaching for this shade in the Summer to go all the way across the eyelids, or even just in the inner corner.

Dancer (Satin Bright Purple): I named this shade after my favourite flowers; fuchsias. They always reminded me of ballet dancers. I would want this shade to be quite a bright purple, but not too over the top.

Bear Lady: (matte dark purple) I wanted this shade to go with the green and purple shades, and I love purple. I had to name this after Lynz, who really is the crazy bear lady in my life. Her favourite colour is purple, so it made sense to name this shade after her.

Aphrodite: (shimmery rosy pink) This would be my highlighter shade. I love pink shades in my inner corner and along my brow bone. Aphrodite is another nickname that Mark has for me, and it’s probably one of the more romantic ones. I think this shade would be quite romantic and subtle.

Rory (matte Burnt orange red/Burgundy) I wanted a red shade to go in the palette to go with the warmer neutrals. I named this shade after my first car, which was a dark red colour. You never forget your first car, so I wanted to call one shade after the name I called my car.

Roman: (shimmery bronze) My favourite place in the world is Italy and I always associate bronze with the Roman era. I did want to call one shade something Italian, and this suited this type of shade. I would want this to be quite little MAC’s Woodwinked, which was an old school favourite of mine when I first got into makeup.

Greenlegs (satin khaki green) This is a nickname from school from the one day that I wore green tights. The nickname stuck through school unfortunately and I hated it. However I love khaki green shades, so I named one of my favourite shades after something that I hated. Let’s call it aversion therapy!

Treetops (matte dark green) As some of you know, my first date with Mark involved doing one of those treetop obstacle courses. It was a pretty awesome memory, and I wanted to call a shade after that. I wanted a matte green to go with the khaki green and purples.

Starlit (Duo-Chrome Green, Blue, Brown) Remember the shade Moonchild by Urban Decay? I wanted something like this in my palette but with a bit more pigment. Not as much as MAC’s Club, but somewhere in between these two shades. I will probably rename this shade, but I really didn’t know what to call it.

Rosebud (Satin Lilac) I love soft lilac shades in the spring, and they team up with turquoise and blue pretty well. This shade isn’t very rosy, but I would want this shade to be asociated with Rosebud’s because I love this sort of shade so much. In fact, this is probably what sort of colour the packaging would be.

Dorothy (Satin Baby Blue) I would wear this in my crease with the shade Snuggles. I named this after Mark’s Landrover that he owned when we first met. She was a baby blue colour, and was quite a memorable car. I had a shade named after one of my cars, so it made sense to name one after his.

Janet: (matte smoky grey) I named this shade after my Mam because she tends to wear grey and silver shadow a lot. I could actually imagine my Mam wearing this a lot on nights out.

Narcissist (matte black) I named this after a song that I’ve been enjoying lately; Narcassistic Cannibal. I don’t know why I like the song, but I do, and this seemed to suit a black shade really well. I use matte black shadow a lot for eyeliner, and I wanted to be able to just reach for this palette without any others to get a full look.

So that is what sort of shades I would have in my own palette. This was actually a lot of fun to do, and if you are interested in designing your own palettes, I would give this a go. It was much harder than I thought it would be!

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.



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