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Date Night Makeup


When you live together, sometimes it’s hard to have date nights because you’re past the dating stage. However, sometimes it is nice to get out the house and enjoy each other’s company and dress to impress again.

Me and Mark tend to have one or two date nights a month, where we’ll dress up nice and spoil each other with nice food and drink. What’s not to love?

This month, we decided to go to the restaurant where we had our first date (luckily I didn’t have helmet hair this time). And although this is a semi casual restaurant, I still wanted to wear my nice red dress and feel very glamorous and sexy.

As for makeup, I have still been loving a dark blue mono-chrome eye look. I think it really suits my eye colour really well. For the eyes I actually mixed the Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette with the Kat Von D Saints and Sinners Palette.

With so much colour on the eyes, I went for a dark neutral lip, and I used a really old favourite combo. I used to wear this a lot a few years ago, and after seeing how it looked on this night, I have no idea why I stopped. I teamed up Tom Ford’s Casablanca lipstick with Nars’ Baby Doll lipgloss. I just think that these shades together give such a gorgeous juicy look to the lips. Of course, Mark complained about the transferability, but it’s a nude lippy (no one would even notice).

My dress was from Dorothy Perkins and I teamed it up with a nude pair of tights with some red heels that I have had forever. I think that they were from Next. Unfortunately I have no photos of the full dress.

What sort of looks do you guys go for on a date night with a longer term partner?



4 thoughts on “Date Night Makeup

  1. Aww, what a gorgeous look! You have really nice skin 🙂 When I go out with my boyfriend (we live together too), I like to mix things up. Sometimes I’ll go for a more casual look, other times I’ll doll myself up a little more. I find that jeans and a cute sweater always works for me. hehe 🙂 Hope you enjoyed your date night!! ❤

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