Eyeshadow Bingo: Jaclyn Hill Edition



Hi guys, how are you today?

Since the Jaclyn Hill palette has inspired me to be a bit more creative with my eyeshadow looks again, I wanted to use it in an eyeshadow bingo game. There are 35 shadows in this palette; a mixture of mattes and shimmers, colours and neutrals. This has the potential to either go really bad, or the most amazing look ever.

So I took the trusty Bingo app and drew 6 numbers:

17, 33, 12, 15, 22, 32

And these are the colours that they matched up with….

Shades: Hunts, Bbsessed, Hillster, Royalty, Enchanted, Central Park


I’m not too sure how these colours will look together, however I am thinking about keeping the eye quite neutral but using the coloured shades to create a winged liner look. I am not the best at winged liner on a good day, so here’s hoping that this works out!


Okay…. this could have been worse! I didn’t think that the overall look was the worst makeup look of all time, but I have done better.

I couldn’t figure out how to incorporate the dark brown without drawing attention away from the purple liner,so I used it as a brow powder. They looked darker in real life, so luckily my fringe can hide them slightly!

I used the green to intensify my lower lash line, and I applied the liner shade with a wet brush to intensify the pigment even more.

I teamed up the look with Lancome’s Mister Big mascara and Medusa Makeup’s Liquid Lipstick in Bang.

What sort of look would you have created with these shades? Once again thank you to AryGalaxy for giving me the idea to do this post. She has done eyeshadow bingo for a really long time and creates some awesome looks.

Have a lovely day guys, and take care.




2 thoughts on “Eyeshadow Bingo: Jaclyn Hill Edition

  1. Haha I love this, it’s funny how we get in such a pattern and then get so frazzled when pushed out of it. I used to let a buddy of mine pick the palette I had to use the next day and the shadows he wanted me to work with to try and make me use my palettes more often it was fun and super challenging sometimes

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