Testing Out Haul Makeup


Hi everyone, how are you all today?

Today I gave some items that I recently purchased a good go. I actually really loved the look, and I thought that I would share some of my initial opinions about some of the items.

Some items were just repurchases, so I’ve left them out of this. You know how I feel about them anyway.

Real Techniques Sponges

I have used the big orange sponges before, but I’ve never tried the purple or pink ones. I used the purple ones for my under-eye concealer, and they are the perfect shape and size to really concentrate the product around here. They felt really soft and spongy, and really worked the product into the skin. The weird shaped pink one is also pretty awesome. I used it for highlighter, and I don’t normally like cream highlighters, because they are so hard to blend out. This makes things so easy. I loved these.

ELF Matte Blush and Bronzer

This really is worth the hype! It is pigmented but isn’t too pigmented, where you feel that you are applying clown makeup. It felt so smooth to apply and I love the colour of the blush. It reminds me of Nars’ Dolce Vita, but is slightly paler. I absolutely love it. I’m not too keen on the bronzer; it is a touch too orange, but the blush is stunning!

Wunderbrow Gel

I’ve used this in the past and wasn’t keen. However I think that my makeup skills have improved slightly and I can control this a little better. I’ve found that the best way to apply it is with a brow brush rather than with the applicator. You get a more natural look this way. It does last a really long time and is waterproof. I accidently left my makeup on in the bath, and this was the only thing left on my face. I will say one thing though, it is so easy to go wrong and apply to much, and you need to be quick to rectify things

Colour Pop Dream St Palette

I love Kathleen Lights, and I know that she would never put her name alongside a crappy product. The shades in here are beautiful and so easy to work with. I tried to use as many colours as I could in this look. The mattes are smooth and creamy, and the shimmers have a butt-load of pigment. I loved this. I will do a full review once I use it a few more times, but I’m really impressed upon my first use.

Wunder-2 Selfie Powder

I’ve used this a few times now and I do like it but I find absolutely no difference between this and my Bourjois Rice Powder, or the Avon Powder. It’s a nice powder that I will keep using, but I won’t repurchase this.

What new products have you been enjoying lately?

Have a lovely day guys.



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